My Baby Girl and the Swim Class (2024)

By WintermuteX

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My Baby Girl and the Swim Class (2)

My damned necktie had been strangling me all day. I tugged it off and hurled it as I stepped in the front door, watching it sail in a satisfying arc into the living room.

I was beat. Months of long hours and commercial negotiations were finally paying off. The new contract, which would move textiles, produce, and small manufacturing sundries through 3 new routes in Chile was almost finished, and I had spent most of the day finalizing the excruciating details. It was a lucrative opportunity for the company, but working out the finer points of the logistics was always a mess. I dumped my briefcase on the couch with a long sigh and stretched aching muscles.

Funny. Shae hadn't come down. Usually, when I came home, she would hurtle towards the front door at mach speed to greet me with a kiss. She should have been home from school by now, unless she had decided to go to a friend's house. I went down the hall to investigate.

I found my lovely 10-year-old daughter where she had collapsed on the bed, slumbering on her side in a puddle of afternoon sunlight. The poor tyke was completely tuckered out. I didn't blame her - after all, we had stayed up very late the night before. She hadn't even managed to change out of her school uniform. The clean white blouse moved in languid rhythm as she breathed and the pleats of the checkered red skirt hung in messy disarray over her bottom. A river of golden hair was cast over the hills of the bedding, lustrous with reflected sunshine.

Grinning, I kept silent as I loosened my cuffs and ditched my jacket, admiring the angelic sleeping form. My daughter's curving slopes were the brushstrokes of subtle art, blending to a masterpiece of girlish perfection: a lovely, heart-shaped face, innocent and kind, lips slightly parted; a slender body of creamy, flawless skin, sloping in gentle waves; and a delicate, eager puss*, its tiny pink parts barely peeping out from under the skirt. I bent over to get a better look. No panties, of course. I kept telling her she needed to wear panties to school and she would just huff and tell me how uncomfortable they were to wear with the skirt and how she would just have to take them off when I got home anyway.

I sat down on the bed, not really expecting that Shae would wake up. My daughter usually slept like a log. She snoozed through TV programs and car rides and once she had snored right through a minor earthquake that rattled all our furniture and set dogs barking for miles. I couldn't resist teasing her after that, dubbing her "Sleeping Beauty", innocently suggesting that she could sleep through rock concerts, airplanes taking off, and giant robot attacks, until she got fed up and beat me senseless with a throw pillow. Now she was out like a light again. I decided to have some fun.

Hunting fingers quested under the fabric of the skirt, feeling the firm flesh of her sweet bottom, tracing over the pink swells until they ended up at the tender lips. I bent over to get a good view of my baby girl's snatch. Her slit was the prettiest I had ever known, delicate folds framing a pink nubbin of a cl*t and hiding the entrance to her soft tunnel. I could never get tired of my 10-year-old daughter's little puss*. It was still tiny, almost too tight for me to fit in. Even though Shae hadn't been able to take more than the head of my co*ck in her when we first made love 3 years ago, we had slowly worked at it over time, and I had been able to squeeze more and more of her Daddy's co*ck inside her until finally, as long as I didn't go too fast or rush things, I could stuff my entire prick inside my daughter's willing hole.

Tracing the path of the little channel between her folds, I ended at the budding red jewel at the top and started to titillate it with slow, subtle brushes. Beads of dew began to slick my fingers, my daughter's privates responding under my hands. Lips puffed slightly and an animal heat grew in a slow burn, radiating in waves as the flesh swelled with pleasure. I pushed the pleated skirt up higher to her waist, exposing the curving pink globes of her butt, and let my other hand explore their slopes.

Squeezing wetness greeted my finger when I tested her waters, and I grazed her cl*t with increasing pressure before sinking a finger in up to the first knuckle. My baby girl's body was responding as her Daddy fondled her in her sleep. Her nipples scratched against the white cotton blouse, erect, tracing lines of friction across the fabric as her breath raced in rising tempo. Cheeks and nose flushed red, lips parted, nostrils flared, and the walls of her slippery c*nt rippled with sexy dreams, caressing my finger with gentle suction, inviting it to go farther. I pushed in to the second knuckle and was rewarded with a low, shuddering moan rumbling out from somewhere deep inside my daughter's body.

Her fingers were clenching involuntarily, keeping time with the furling bow and eager panting. Her body steamed to a crescendo under my practiced touch, but she still hadn't woken up yet. Twitching legs hinted at sexy dreams, probably imagining her Daddy bending her over, hiking up her skirt, and stuffing his meat into her until she shrieked in org*sm and her puss* flooded over with cum. I plunged in with a second finger. Excited muscles welcomed me in, wrapping my digits with swelling tightness, coating them with slippery juice. Shae's head was rocking slightly, faint mewling noises escaping from her mouth. My fingers worked, growing the hungry rhythm of my daughter's excitement into a symphony that surged towards climax. She was on the brink. Muscles tightened in her thighs as I squeezed her ass, toes curling, light gasps drawing up the scale into excited moans, trembling under my hands like a violin string about to snap.

I rammed my fingers into her c*nt as far as they would go, pressing roughly and using my thumb to flick her cl*t while my other hand gripped the belt of her skirt and rocked her waist in sudden jerks. Her legs kicked in surprise and I felt her puss* clamp down like a velvet vice and begin bucking in wild spasms.

"mmmMMMM OHHHHH!" Her eyes flew open as she gasped and came on my fingers. "Oh GOD yesssssSSSSS Oh Daddy mmmm fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

My daughter came, gushing juice over the thrusting fingers held inside her as her back arched on the bed and her arms and legs thrashed in feral ecstasy. I bent down to my baby girl's twitching face and buried her mouth with my own, pinching the tender nipples through the sheer schoolgirl blouse, pushing her squirming limbs down into the soft bedding, kissing my 10-year-old daughter into the bed and she writhed and org*smed under me.

"Uuhhhhh! Oh god...Daddy, f*ck...that good!" She gulped the words out in haggard breaths after I let up off her mouth.

"Hi Sweetie. I'm home." I grinned.

She stretched her arms. "Mmm, sorry Daddy. I was tired when I got home. I meant to change but I guess I just fell asleep." She croaked out a giant yawn.

"It's ok sweetie." I pulled my fingers out of her puss* with a slurp. "We were up really late last night after all."

She gave her customary girlish giggle. We had definitely been up late, watching a new p*rno that had been released by our favorite studio. I had a premium subscription to a very hush-hush little site that produced high-quality movies with actresses that may or may not have looked entirely 100% legal in our country. They took custom requests and also produced a lot of roleplay, and this one had been a wonderful daddy/daughter incest scenario featuring a handsome hunk of an older man, and a lithe little nymph who smiled and purred enthusiastically through everything they did. Shae and I had watched the entire 2-hour film, laughingly reproducing a few of the scenes on the bed.

"Hey Dad, don't forget tomorrow," Shae mumbled. "You said you'd stay for swim class. Coach said he wants to meet you and I want to show you my dive!"

Oh, right. Normally I dropped Shae off at the pool and took the time to try to get some errands done before picking her up in the afternoon, but I guess I could stick around this time.

Burying my daughter with one final kiss, I assured her I'd be there. I paused briefly at the bedroom door, looking back at the sprawling angelic form. The shifting sun highlighted the curving outline of her body in tracings of cozy gold light as she sprawled on our bed. The checkered skirt was still pushed up, revealing the slight gape of her puss*, and she was wet all over her bottom. Her hair was mussed and tangled, headband knocked to the side, blouse twisted. Apparently, she was going back to sleep like that.

To me, my baby girl always looked like a sexy goddess. I went to clean up.

My Baby Girl and the Swim Class (3)

The coach let loose with his shrill whistle. Four girls dove in sequence into the pool, showing expert form, and swam down their lanes.

I surreptitiously ran my eyes over the bodies of the other girls around the pool. The team seemed to be composed of schoolgirls mostly in the 8-13 range. I noted appreciatively how the blue one-piece suits clung tightly to their bodies, showing off their smooth tummies and round bottoms. One little brunette was in a suit slightly too tight for her and was sporting a delicate camel toe. She didn't seem to realize.

If I had known I would get to eyef*ck the entire girl's swim team, I might have taken up coach Menke's offer for a meet-and-greet a bit earlier. Shae was apparently doing very well, and might even be able to qualify for local contests. I spied her at the far end of the pool on the high dive, sporting the same blue swimsuit and with her long hair tied back into a ponytail. She walked confidently out to the edge and waved hysterically at me before clapping her hands together and diving head first into the deep end.

Soccer was a bust, running hadn't been her thing, and she was disinterested enough in sports as a whole that she hadn't wanted to try basketball or baseball. Swimming, though, she had taken to like she was born for it. She glided towards my end of the pool like an otter, dipping beneath the surface effortlessly.

"She really does have talent", said a voice from my side, and I turned to see the coach, a black-haired mass of muscles. "She's very fast in the water, but her form could use some work, and we still need to build her endurance a bit. I have some exercises I'm going to run through next week with her that should help."

"Yeah," I replied. "I can see that she's already doing much better than when she first started. I remember she didn't even want to look at the high dive, much less jump off it."

He chuckled. "And now she dives like an olympic athlete. Most kids, well, they're only scared the first time. You have to convince them. Once you do, they see how much fun it can be, and they're up for anything. What do you think of the team?" he asked, as he turned back around to survey the girls.

I looked at the array of supple bodies, wet swimsuits wrapped tightly over their athletic frames like a second skin, leaving little to the imagination. They played and practiced with enthusiastic glee. "Well, they're really something," I said. "You have them all coordinated so they can dive in and swim in sync all the way across the pool. You must have drilled them hard." I watched his eyes from the side as I said this, and noted how he gazed hungrily at the girls, eyeballs traveling to each one, taking her fully in from top to bottom, before moving to the next.

"Oh yes. We've uh, drilled a lot. The team this year has a lot of real talent. I've been working the girls pretty hard to get them ready for the Swimtrim county contest. It's in August, and I think we have a shot at actually winning this year." I followed his eyes as his gaze settled on the tiny girl with the cameltoe. He burst into a grin but quickly hid it.

"Oh, that sounds very promising. I'm sure they'll do well. Good luck." I shook his hand.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! Did you see it Daddy?! Did you see me do the dive? I got the twist just like coach Menke showed us!" Shae squealed at me from the pool, hanging from the stone edge by her fingertips.

I waved. "Yeah sweetie, I saw. Good job! You had really great form on the dive. Daddy approved! I'll give you a treat later." I gave her a thumbs up and followed with the subtly lascivious grin I often used when we were in public.

Shae snorted and then laughed before plopping back in the pool. She knew what I was saying.

Across the hall, I kept an eye on the coach while trying to pretend I was looking elsewhere. He had crouched next to the little dark-haired girl with her puss* lips bulging up against her tight suit and seemed to be offering some kind of instruction. She giggled at something he said, and he used one hand to massage her back in a familiar gesture, the other guiding her arm in the demonstration of some swimming stroke. I think I understood him a bit better now. Most of the girls seemed to look at him with something like adoration, admiring his handsome face and muscular body. There was a lot of it on display, because he was wearing only a tight-fitting pair of red swimming trunks. I'll bet he had drilled the girl's swim team very hard indeed, but that meant I had to ask Shae a few questions...

My daughter was playing near the corner of the deep end, diving and then surfacing, making dolphin noises as she splashed the other girls. I waited for a while until she crawled out of the pool and headed for the girl's locker room, then followed her, pretending I was going to the men's. I took a short detour instead, and a few quick glances assured me the girl's locker room was empty except for Shae. I sneaked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder as she was half-out of her suit.

She jumped with a startled yelp before turning around and laughing at me. "Daddy! Hey, you're not supposed to be in here. This locker room is for the girls. You might see something you shouldn't." She folded her arms across her chest, hiding her nipples, and put on her most adorable mock-pouting face, with just the hint of a crooked smile hiding at the corners. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Sweetie, I want to ask you a few questions, but in private. Hmmm, is that locked?" I gestured to the door of what looked like a supply room off to the side.

"Yeah it's locked, BUT, I know where coach Menke keeps the key. There's supplies or something in there, so he always keeps it locked and doesn't let anyone else in." She trotted to a set of key pegs near the entrance to the room. I glanced around nervously as she studied them, trying to remember which was the right one. Selecting a small ring with two keys - one with a pink border and one with a green - she went over to the door and fit the green one to the lock. It opened.

It led into a medium-sized supply closet, filled, unsurprisingly, with supplies: swimsuits, medicines, pool chemicals, first aid kits, floatie sets, pool toys, and more of the ropes they used to divide the water into swim lanes. On the far side was another door with a keypad beside it.

"Honey," I said, closing the door behind me, "I have to ask about coach Menke. Does he have a...close relationship with any of the girls? The kind of relationship you and I have?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I mean he comes in our locker room all the time, says the rules don't apply to coaches. He likes to watch us get into our suits before we swim, and give us pep talks. Sometimes he takes one of the girls to his office for a special talk."

"Which girls does he take to his office? Does he have sex with them?"

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"Yeah Daddy, he does lots of things with them. Once I saw Sandy in his office. The door was cracked so I went and peeked through, and she had his penis in his mouth and was giving him a blowj*b. I don't think she's very good at it Daddy. She wasn't really using her hands right."

I cleared my throat. "Does he do anything with the other girls? Does he f*ck them or have them give him blowj*bs?"

"Well you know that girl, Tamara? She's the 8-year-old with black hair." I nodded. "She was coming out of his office once and she had some cum on her legs. She's such a dork," Shae said, making a distasteful face. "She doesn't even know you're supposed to wipe it up and swallow it."

"What about you sweetie? Does he ever have sex with you?", I asked, finally driving home the question.

My daughter's eyes blazed with sudden anger. I had made a serious mistake. "No Daddy." She was staring at me, lips pressed tightly together. "He doesn't have sex with me. If he tried, I wouldn't let him. I don't have sex with anyone but YOU, Daddy."

"Ok ok honey, I'm sorry," I said, rubbing her arms in a placating gesture. "I guess it was a dumb question. Please don't be mad at me."

She softened immediately. "He just has sex with some of the other girls. He doesn't make them do anything they don't want to. I mean, I've seen his thing, a lot. All of the girls have, because sometimes he changes with us and he's always hard. His co*ck is pretty big Daddy. All the other girls like to look at it, while pretending they're not, but it's not as big as yours. Yours is thicker, and longer, and the tip has this sort of ridge where it-"

"Ok sweetie, that's enough", I said, cutting her off. I thought for a moment. I couldn't blame the guy, since I loved little girl puss* myself. There was nothing better than fitting your co*ck into the pretty virgin slit of a innocent little lass, squeezing in inch by inch, feeling the tiny body moan and shudder beneath you. I did have certain other questions though. I eyed the keypad and the door on the far side of the closet. I wonder...

After moving a bin of basketballs that was in the way, I tried the keys in the lock. The green one that we used to get into this room wouldn't go into the lock, but the little pink one fit snugly. It didn't turn though. I eyed the 10-digit keypad next to the door.

"Hmm, I don't suppose you know the code", I wondered aloud.

"Maybe it's the same as his office", she said. "I've seen him put it in a bunch of times: one seven nine five".

I tried the code and heard a click, then turned the key in the lock. The door swung open.

It was dark. I pressed my hand against the wall and found a switch that turned on a single dim light overhead. This was definitely it.

Through the glass in the wall, I had an excellent view of the entire girl's locker room. This was the other side of the mirror, except it wasn't a mirror at all, but one-way glass. A camcorder stood on a tripod facing the glass, and a shelf had a few other expensive cameras, the kind that could take very high-quality photos.

The rest of the room was devoted to fun. There were a few dild*s in small sizes, a fluffy pair of handcuffs, and several pinups and glossy photos of young girls in lewd and compromising positions. A couch and a couple small chairs provided comfortable viewing. Shae came in and let the door close behind her.

So, the coach had the same taste as me. I looked at some of the photographs, recognizing a few of the girls. One was the shy girl with the chestnut hair, a vixen who looked around 11, bent over with one hand gripping her ankle and the other reaching back to spread her tiny puss* lips for the camera. Not so shy, I guess. The other was Tamara. Her head was buried between a man's muscular legs, looking up at the camera, heart-shaped face framing innocent blue eyes and taut lips wrapped around the meaty co*ck stuffed in her mouth.

A haphazard stack of USB sticks were piled near the cameras. Jeez, this guy probably produced enough to run his own p*rn studio. I wondered how many of the sweet little peas out there in the pool had had their coach's dick shoved inside them. There were a lot of photos, and my own prick was already stiffening with grudging applause. Glossy binders on the shelves held even more photographs and the memory sticks probably held thousands of hours of video. I looked over at Shae, her naked body still half-poking out of the wet swimsuit like a peeled banana. She was breathing heavily, her nipples erect.

Voices, from the locker room. Someone was coming in. I thought the light was dim enough that it wouldn't give us away on the other side of the mirror, but flipped it off just to be sure.

"And remember, when you jump for the tuck dive, you have to push off with the balls of your feet, so your toes start out pointing downward. Otherwise you probably won't get enough momentum for the somersault."

Coach Menke entered, guiding two of the girls with his hands on their backs. One was lovely little Tamara, but the other one I didn't recognize, a thin blond that looked around 10.

"What about what you promised, coach? You said I'd get a treat if I was able to do the somersault, and I did!", the little blond quipped.

He grinned. "Sure sweetie. I remember what we talked about. Ok, you can touch it." He took a seat on the bench facing the mirror, giving us a nice view. The massive bulge in his swimming trunks was a clear invitation to the innocent girl.

"Well um...I mean, how do I..." the little blonde stammered, suddenly not quite so sure of herself.

"Tamara, want to show her?" the coach asked, and the little girl nodded, kneeling down in front of the coach and gesturing for the blond to do the same. Tamara reached up and pulled the coach's swim trunks down to his knees, freeing his huge prick to flap in the breeze.

"Wow! I didn't know it bounces. It's so silly!" the little blonde giggled. "I can just...touch it? It doesn't hurt?"

"It definitely doesn't hurt," Menke smiled encouragingly. He looked at Tamara and gestured with his head. "Go on, show Angela how to do it."

Hesitant fingers gripped the head of the thick organ, and then glided down the shaft, the small hand barely able to wrap around the girth. Tamara began a gentle rhythm, caressing the coach's prick, licking the underside in short strokes to get it wet. She encouraged Angela, showing her how the tight shaft would bounce up and down and how to hold it, until the new girl had enough confidence to wrap her fingers around the meat herself. The coach was leaking precum already, slippery liquid smearing under the uncertain strokes of tiny fingers. Tamara licked and rubbed while Angela mostly goggled at the unfamiliar manhood that filled her hands, giggling over the feeling of flesh that was somehow both firm and velvet-soft. Contented sighs rumbled from the coach's throat as he rested his arms on their heads, threw his head back, and gave himself up to the pleasure of being explored by the two lovely young girls.

Dual tongues worked in tandem, Angela's mimicking her friend's long strokes, coating the flesh with saliva. The erotic sight of these two young girls playing with the thick penis in their faces was driving me up the wall: the smaller one leading by example, showing the older girl where to grip, how to hold, exploring, discovering the delicious warm skin with questing fingers and juicy tongues. I was breathing hard, entranced. Tamara popped the tip in her mouth, bulging her cheeks and bobbing in eager motion before she popped off the end with a slurp and offered the sticky head to her friend. I wondered if the eager strain in my crotch was actually strong enough to rip the fabric of my jeans apart or if that was just my imagination running wild.

I had an idea. The camcorder light had already come on, probably rigged to record every time someone was in the locker room. It was pretty hard to see with the overhead light off, but I pulled on the tripod and moved the camera towards the back of the room so that it still caught the full window, but also put me and Shae in the frame. In the darkness, we would have appeared on the video as two mysterious silhouettes framed by the light of the one-way mirror.

I quietly nudged a small bench in front of the mirror and looked at my daughter. She was breathing heavily, peering right back at me, reading my mind. With a small gesture of my head, she took her place in front of the bench, facing the glass.

Standing behind her, I let my own hands run over the darkened shape of my baby girl, rubbing down her shoulders and arms, then traveling under her arms to reach the swelling buds of her growing breasts. Pinching gently, feeling the firm nubs stiffen under my insistent fingers, I earned a small series of stifled gasps from my daughter. She was just as turned on by this as I was, watching these two little girls pleasure the penis of a muscular, handsome, fully-grown man. Angela had buried the head of his prick in her mouth and was slowly learning to tongue it, throat and cheeks moving in slow motions over the bulging manhood in her mouth. The hand on the back of her head pushed tenderly, encouragingly, pressure forging a small rhythm of lips over skin as the girl slowly began to bob up and down. Menke's eyes were closed, luxuriating in the exquisite pleasure of having his co*ck sucked by a delicious virgin mouth. Tamara had offered a few pointers, but was mostly licking the side of his penis now as her friend took the thick meat between her lips and sucked with mounting enthusiasm. Waiting for her turn, Tamara reached down with one hand, pressing the fabric of her swimsuit to the side, and began to rub her fingers along the delicate contours of her own puss*.

Curving hips, sexy tummy, slender neck - my fingers journeyed over the tender flesh of my daughter as I watched the scene unfold. Wet hair smelled of chlorine and sweaty arousal and my baby girl melted like a candle under my grip. Her head collapsed back against my shoulder and rolled over my chest, wordless groans forced from her throat in a hot rush. Legs twitched and she sagged against me, shivering. I peeled the swimsuit the rest of the way off my baby girl, like unwrapping a present, then bent her over the bench before leaning down to whisper.

"Is this turning you on sweetie?" I asked breathlessly, fingers marching an insistent massage around her hips and down to her crotch.

"Ye-Yeah..." she panted. "It reminds me of us Daddy, when you first taught me about sex. I didn't know what to do with your penis either but you showed me."

"What was it I showed you?" I teased, fingers slipping down to my daughter's nether regions, tracing a taunting V around her swelling pudenda.

"You showed me how to make you happy by sucking it Daddy. Th-oh," she lurched as my fingers found her cl*t at the apex of my stroke. "Then you...showed me how to take you inside me."

Her chest was heaving up against me with need. "And what is it you want me to do, baby girl?" I hissed, grabbing the base of my prick and running the head over the dewy folds of her puss* lips, feeling the gathering wetness.

"I want your me", she panted raggedly. I loved teasing my daughter. It turned her on so much, made her crazy, turned her into a shivering wreck when I made her beg, made her spell out what she wanted me to do to her. I didn't know if the camcorder was sensitive enough to make out our whispering. I didn't care. The girls had switched, Tamara stuffing the thick co*ck into her mouth and working it down the back of her throat while Angela explored the thick testicl*s with light squeezes.

My lips grazed the ear of my bent-over daughter. "What is it you want me to put in you?"

"Your co*ck, Daddy. I want you to shove it in me. Put it in my puss* Daddy. Ram your prick into me-Ohh!" she cut off a girlish squeak when I flicked her cl*t again. Her arms were shaking against the bench like pillars on the verge of collapse. I hadn't even began to f*ck her and she was already on the brink.

"Has Coach Menke shoved his prick inside you? Tell me the truth Shae." I lined up with my daughter, waiting with the head of my co*ck just barely grazing her puss* lips. I could feel her muscles spasming already, caressing the head of my prick, inviting it in.

"No! Stop it Daddy, I told you! I only want you Daddmmmmm just...please, stick it in me. God...please Daddy just put it in I can't wait!" she pleaded, whimpering as she whispered in the dark.

"I want to hear you say who you love, baby girl. Who do you love?" My hands were planted on her butt, fingers roughly kneading the sweet flesh as I held my co*ck primed against her wet tunnel.

Words tumbled out of my girl in desperate bursts. "You Daddy! I'm your little girl and yours only and I belong only to you and I love you so much Daddy and you're always there for me and coach is not my boyfriend you are and god Daddy please just stick your dick in me now!"

Shae was shivering, panting, barely able to maintain the whisper as her muscles quivered in ecstasy. In front of me, Tamara was peeling off her swimsuit and crawling up onto Menke's lap. He held her up by her arms as he lined up the head of his massive erection to the hairless lips of the little girl's puss*, flexing to stroke the meat over her cunny lips and spread her lubrication around. Angela looked on in fascinated awe as Menke slowly impaled the girl, puss* folds slipping around the head of his prick and letting her sink onto him, eyes tightly closed with concentration as inch after inch of meaty co*ck disappeared inside her.

With a rough thrust I impaled my daughter as she watched her friend penetrated through the glass. She squealed quietly, hips thrusting and back arching with a jolt, teetering on the brink of org*sm with the first thrust. I held myself buried inside her for a moment, gripping her hips, before pulling out in a slow stroke, trying not to overdo it. Slippery friction twisted my co*ck in a thrilling tornado of spirals and spasms, my daughter's c*nt already running wild with frenzied passion. Firm flesh thrust in and out of the wet snatch, energy building a hungry frequency of slapping flesh as I f*cked my daughter. I wouldn't last much longer myself. I stabbed in, burying my prick as far in as I could go and stuffing the head up against her womb, forcing another startled squeak from her mouth. Too loud.

Bending forward, I clamped my hand tightly over her mouth. She moaned into my fingers like an animal. I had kept her on the brink of org*sm for too long, and now she could barely control herself. My co*ck pistoned with urgent rhythm into the warm tunnel, harder, increasing the pressure, keeping my hand over her mouth to muffle the raving squeals. I looked up, but nobody outside had heard us, lost in their own pleasure. Having her Daddy's big hand clamped over her mouth to keep her groans of pleasure from escaping was just turning my daughter on even more. I had to finish her before she started shrieking. Frenetic pounding sent her puss* walls into electric spasms, squeezing and massaging my bulging prick, bringing me to the edge.

Outside, the girls were switching places. Tamara had a spattered collection of gooey cum dribbling from between her legs, and the coach was stripping Angela out of her suit and guiding her to sit on his prick. Her neck and back arched in rapture as her puss* was invaded for the first time, supple body flexing into the erotic curve that every girl seems to know by instinct. She must have been a tight fit because Menke could only fit the head of his dick inside, but they embraced with a kiss, the little girl wrapping her arms around his neck as the muscled man let her take over. Eager fingers ran from her chest down over the curving swell of her hips and back again, massaging the excited girl, milking the tension out of her body. She let her own hands play over the rack of his firm muscles, feeling the chiseled flesh of the first man to make love to her. An exalted sigh escaped her lips as she relaxed and worked another inch inside, then gasped abruptly with the pain and pleasure that comes from a girl's first time.

My stomach lurched and my balls clenched, swept in an animal tide as I watched the tiny girl being deflowered through the glass. Grunting, I grabbed Shae's ponytail and pulled, yanking her head back while keeping my other hand clamped over her mouth. The hair was leverage for the last few thrusts until, with a rough slam, I shoved as hard into my baby girl as I could and felt her cumming on my shaft, puss* walls clenching and going wild with org*sm. Pressure exploded in my crotch and roared through my body, sending jets of cum thundering out of my dick and flooding into my daughter's c*nt. Thick squirts of her Daddy's seed splashed up into my daughter's puss*, filling her belly and flooding out into the tight channel of her love. My fists held her round shoulders in a steel grip as our bodies locked in ecstasy, writhing in the bucking rhythm of our mutual org*sm.

Menke didn't last long with Angela either. After a few short minutes of writhing on his tool, she yelped and shuddered ecstatically as he flooded her puss* with cum. Angela rested for a minute, leaning against him, eyes closed and fingers curling reflexively in the thick chest hair, before he helped the girls clean up and put their suits back on. Both girls were flush, hair messed and legs still trembling, but Menke beamed at them and they smiled back, holding his hands as he led them from the locker room.

We sneaked out just after, being very careful not to be seen. I didn't bother to put anything back other than the keys. The pool of cum we left on the floor was message enough. Of course, Menke would probably be able to guess who we were, but the video would show only two unidentifiable bodies in the dark, coiled in passion, not enough evidence to prove anything.

I waited outside as Shae changed into street clothes, as though I were just a normal father waiting impatiently for his daughter to get dressed. I let my hand rest on her shoulder as we walked out.

"You know," Shae began, "the girls say the coach is good luck. They can always make the perfect high-dive or beat their lap time if he, well, if he helps them..."

"Oh, uh..." I looked down at my daughter's mischievous grin, not sure if she was being serious. "Do they really say that?"

"Yeah Daddy, but there's no WAY he can be as good as you. The first time I got the somersault dive, it was because we were together just before you took me to swim practice. You're my good luck Daddy." She beamed as she hugged my arm. "Now you have to come to the Swimtrim finals with us Daddy and be my good luck charm!"

I patted her head affectionately. I guess I could find some way to work that into my schedule. I could never say no to my baby girl. About anything.

My Baby Girl and the Swim Class (2024)


Are swimming lessons worth it for babies? ›

Studies suggest that water survival skills training and swim lessons can help reduce drowning risk for children between ages 1-4. Classes that include both parents and their children also are a good way to introduce good water safety habits and start building swim readiness skills.

Why is my 3 year old refusing to go to swimming lessons? ›

If so, you're not alone. It's completely normal for young children to feel apprehensive about beginning swim classes, especially if being in the water is new to them or if they've had a scary experience in a pool before. The first thing to remember is that children's feelings need to be validated.

What is the best age to take a baby swimming? ›

According to the NHS guidelines, there is no age limit on how old your baby must be to start swimming lessons. It is perfectly safe to take your baby swimming at any age, before or after vaccinations. We have taught some babies as young as four weeks and they have been very happy in the water.

Can babies swim without being taught? ›

It is not true that babies are born with the ability to swim, though they have primitive reflexes that make it look like they are. Newborns are not old enough to hold their breath intentionally or strong enough to keep their head above water, and cannot swim unassisted.

Should you give baby a bath after swimming? ›

If your baby is under one, then you should limit your time to a maximum of 30 minutes. If your baby has a bad cold or temperature, avoid taking them swimming.. Always be sure to wash the chlorinated water off of your baby's skin following a swim, and apply a moisturiser.

What's the earliest you can teach a baby to swim? ›

Some babies are ready to start swimming lessons as early as four months old, while others may not be ready until they reach a year old. Some are also slow learners, while others are hard to teach swimmers. There are several things you can look for to help you decide if your baby is ready for swim lessons.

What age can a baby go in a pool? ›

Most physicians recommend waiting until the baby is at least 6 months of age before going swimming with your baby. If your baby is less than six months old, avoid taking him or her to a large public pool, as the water is too cold. Make sure the water temperature is heated to at least 89.6°F before taking baby in.

Why do babies cry during swim lessons? ›

Separation anxiety and fear of the water are two of the most common reasons for crying during lessons. Typically crying will stop by the 4th lesson when a child develops a bond of trust and confidence with her instructor.

Why can't toddlers swim? ›

Children cannot learn actual swimming until they are at least four to five years of age. There have been very few studies on younger children, and there is really no good information to indicate that babies under a year old can retain anything from lessons.

Should I dunk my baby when swimming? ›

Don't dunk a baby underwater. Although infants may naturally hold their breath, they're just as likely to swallow water. That's why babies are more susceptible to the bacteria and viruses in pool water and lakes that can cause stomach flu and diarrhea.

How to teach a baby to swim? ›

Begin with simple activities like gently cradling your baby in the water, allowing them to feel the sensation of being buoyant. Gradually move on to activities such as gentle floating and kicking exercises, keeping their head and neck supported at all times.

When should you teach a baby to swim? ›

Some babies are ready to start swimming lessons as early as four months old, while others may not be ready until they reach a year old. Some are also slow learners, while others are hard to teach swimmers. There are several things you can look for to help you decide if your baby is ready for swim lessons.

Is swimming good for baby development? ›

Research has indicated that baby swimming results in increased social, academic and personality development. Increases confidence. The thrill of grasping a new skill or achieving something they've been working on will give your little one the confidence to try and learn new things.

Can a 3 month old get in a swimming pool? ›

Most physicians recommend waiting until the baby is at least 6 months of age before going swimming with your baby. If your baby is less than six months old, avoid taking him or her to a large public pool, as the water is too cold. Make sure the water temperature is heated to at least 89.6°F before taking baby in.


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