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Accidental Incest, by Fantac64
Shelly is part of a group of girls who like to take turns putting each other through bound and blindfolded sex play for fun. Things take a twisted turn when Shelly’s mom gets brought into the game.

Adventure in the Bush, by kinkychic and kinky’s_sis – 6 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Twenty-year-old Maddie decides to visit her birthplace in South Africa, accompanied by her younger sister (and secret lover) Lucy. It turns out to be quite the adventure.

Adventure of the Amazing Invisible Girl: A Bedtime Story, by Purple Les – 2 parts
When little Alice convinces herself that she can vanish at will, it leads to the kind of naughty fun that few girls of six ever get to enjoy.

An Afternoon’s Delight, by JetBoy — 2 parts
A young mother and her little girl find themselves playing sex games together while sitting around the pool… but things get even wilder when Grandmother shows up.

Alice in Wonderland, by Girl Lover – 4 chapters
Is the old house haunted? Or full of stranger spirits?

Alison’s Adventures – The Beach, by kinkys_sis
A middle-aged woman is rescued from a frustrating day when she meets and gets to know a gorgeous and very bold girl of thirteen.

Allie’s Visit, by JetBoy
When college student Sarah gets a long-awaited visit from her thirteen-year-old sister Allie and they end up sharing a bed, their relationship takes an unexpected but very thrilling twist.

Amanda and Her Mom, by Chrissy Larkin (originally posted at Nifty)
When Amanda’s ass hurts after a spanking from her father, Mom is there to make everything better.

Amanda and Tara, by Amanda –5 chapters (June 2005)
Amanda is startled to find herself falling in love with her ten-year-old niece during a summer visit.

Amber, by Tater Tot– 9 chapters (June 2015)
When Mom discovers that her daughter is having trouble reaching org*sm while masturbating, she lends a hand.

Amber II, by Tater Tot– 6 chapters (June 2015)
The story of Amber, her mother, and their life as lesbian lovers continues — this time told from the daughter’s viewpoint.

Amy’s New Friend, by Bad Fred (October 2009)
Little Amy has no one to play with until Veronica comes along.

…and Debbie Makes Three, by Amanda Lynn
A companion story to My Cousin Nancy.

…and I’ll show you mine, by JetBoy — 3 parts
Sisters discover sexual intimacy together at a very early age and become lovers — then get caught in the act by their shocked mom, many years later.

Ann and Una, by Una (originally posted at Sisters in Love)– 6 chapters
A young girl’s experience in discovering sexuality, with some help from her best friend, and especially from her own big sister.

Another Night Wasted, by Jane Doe (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 5 chapters
Jen is secretly in love with her big sister Lana, who sees that something is troubling her younger sibling but doesn’t know what or why. Her discovery of Jen’s passion will shake up their lives in a big way.

Arizona Nights, by Pretty Pink Taco — 2 chapters so far
Ten-year-old Isabel is confused: Why does her big sister Adriana seem to hate her as a younger sibling, yet also want her as a lover?

The Art of Love, The Love of Art, Part One: Only One Wish, by Karin Halle
When a terminally ill girl of fourteen announces that she wants to experience sex before she dies, her mother struggles with the idea… then a solution unexpectedly presents itself.

The Art of Love, The Love of Art, Part Two: By Invitation Only, by Karin Halle – 2 chapters
After the loss of her daughter Larissa, Karin moves to a different town. There she makes a new friend: a single mother who gives the grieving Karin the chance to experience love again.

The Art of Love, The Love of Art, Part Three: Louise’s Portfolio, by Karin Halle
Karin and her artistic young lover Louise encounter an even younger girl named Chantel at a gallery opening, where they school her in art… and more.

Ashley’s Love, Book One, by Rosey M – 7 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Sisters Ashley and Rhonda have a long, complicated history as sisters… sometimes, more than sisters. Can they overcome a troublesome home life to find shared happiness? This is their story.

Au Pair, by Misty Meadow – 6 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Desperate to find somewhere she can afford to live in London, a young lesbian accepts a live-in job looking after a preteen girl — and her life soon gets complicated in a big way.

Aunt Lisa’s Summer with Jenny, by Cheryl Taggert – 8 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions) —Complete
First, her 12-year-old niece, then the neighbor girls, and then her own young daughters — from interesting, to exciting, to volcanic!


Babysitting Kim,byJessica Brockham– (February 1999)
When bi-curious teen Julie gets to look after twelve-year-old Kim for the weekend, she finds herself very much attracted to the younger girl. Little does she know that Kim has similar feelings for her babysitter.

Babysitting Laura,byJessica Brockham– 4 chapters (November 2011)
Attracted to the single mother next door,a young woman soon finds herself having similar feelings for her neighbor’s eleven-year-old daughter.

Back to Front, byJoanne (November 2010)
Indulging in memories of private intimacies with her daughter as a child… now dreaming of exploring those same pleasures with her granddaughter.

Bad Like Me, by eloquent delinquent – 8 chapters so far (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Shy, repressed Charlotte secretly explores the pleasures and perils of her budding sexuality, with help from a surprisingly free-spirited new partner.

Bambi at the Beach, by Naughty Mommy — 6 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A new adventure begins for little Bambi and her sexy, seductive mother in this sequel to The Lost Girl Game (see below).

Barbie Has Her Way, by Barbie Doll – 2 parts. (August 2006)
Twelve-year-old Barbie has a serious craving for older women. This is the story of how she picks up a divorced mother in a shopping mall, and what happens afterward.

Bathing with Amy, by JetBoy
A woman’s bath is interrupted in a very surprising and enjoyable way by her teenage daughter.

A Beautiful Day, byCassandra Blue (May 2009)
An 11-year-old girl fakes being sick so she can stay from school and spend time with someone special.

Beautiful Evelyn, Beautiful Bee, by Kinkys_sis – 3 parts
A teenage girl finds herself attracted to a painfully shy girl of eleven, and decides to do something about it.

Becky and Mommy, by JetBoy
Struggling with a dangerous desire for little girls — a craving that soon includes her own underage daughter — a mother is tempted in spite of herself when the child wants to be shown how to masturbat*.

A Better Life, by JetBoy
Single mom Brenda lives from paycheck to paycheck, fighting loneliness by taking home men from singles bars. But one night, in a despairing mood, Brenda finds love in a place she never thought of looking – in her own home.

The Beekeeper’s Daughters, by BlueJean – 10 chapters. (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A mysterious forest spirit and an awakening interest in their bodies will unite two little girls with their mother in a beautiful, magical way.

Being There For Mom, by JetBoy
When Lucy gets a sexy casual girlfriend, she notices that her mother Karen seems uneasy about the relationship. How is she to know that Mom’s feelings are motivated by jealousy and that Karen wants her daughter all to herself?

Bella Donna, The Little Witch, by Kinkys_sis
After she falls down a steep hill while jogging, Liz is taken in, cared for and more by a gypsy family with a very special little girl.

Beneath the Mistletoe, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
On one very special Christmas Eve, Diana is surprised to discover a sexual attraction to her mother-in-law Cora… an attraction that she can’t resist exploring.

Big Day for Susie, by Foxi (originally posted at Loliwood)
A young single mother wants naked photos of her eleven-year-old daughter… and she has a lesbian friend who is happy to take them.

Birds in Flight, by Girl Lover – 10 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
When a popular cheerleader takes a bullied ten-year-old girl under her wing, it sets off a chain of events that will affect their lives in a big way.

Blessed Sacrament, by Jacqueline Jillinghoff – 3 parts
Seventh-grader Barbara is experiencing strange, confusing feelings for her teacher, Sister Katherine… feelings that she is suddenly given the opportunity to explore.

Blue Christmas, byRebecka (January 2010)
The story of an off-and-on lesbian courtship, lasting from childhood until a very special Christmas.

Bo and Me, by Unfastened Belts – 8 chapters so far (seeChapter Links for descriptions), more coming soon!
The story of a teenage girl who falls in love with her little sister.

A Bordello in New Orleans, by Kinkychic –7 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions),
Frances is an eleven-year-old girl of mixed race who lives in New Orleans with her mother at the end of the 1700s, a time of considerable political turmoil. She is about to embark on a personal journey of a lifetime, one that will involve war, commerce, pleasure, and, ultimately, true love.

Brenda and the Barrel Racers, by handheld (July 2010)
A teen cowgirl helps eleven-year-old Brenda have her first lesbian experience.

Bridgette Learns, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
When single mother Julia realizes her seven-year-old daughter Bridgette is learning how to give herself pleasure, she decides to offer the girl a helping hand.

Broken Monster, by Nuit du Loup– 12 chapters (November 2009)
A girl of twelve becomes a lesbian vampire and discovers a thirst for more than just blood.

The Bus, by Karen Cypher
A young woman enjoys an erotic encounter with a stranger.

Bus Ride With My Sister, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
After living for too long with a helpless crush on her straight sister Shelley, Karma now intends to blackmail her into sex in a very public place. Things get even wilder than she anticipates.


The Camera Loves Her, by Sindy070 (original posting at Lolliwood Studios under a different name)
Mary secretly lusts after her ten-year-old daughter Pippa… and when the girl gets the opportunity to work as a model, Karen, the photographer, sees and shares her mom’s desire.

Camping in France, by Wickedsmile (original posting site unknown) – three parts
The last thing in the world that Rose feels like doing is taking a camping trip with her mom in a foreign country… but they soon encounter a group of mothers and daughters who will change her mind in a very big way.

Captain Bren and the Royal Siren, by Kinkychic and Kinky’s_sis – 9 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The saga of female pirate Captain Bren, her lover Marianna, and her band of pirates resumes.

Caring for Molly, byGirl Lover – 4 chapters
Looking to earn some money, a teenager agrees to work after school, taking care of a disabled girl.

Caryn, by Randi Patterson (originally posted at the Nifty Archives) – 2 parts
Fourteen-year-old Kris is involved in a blissfully happy lesbian relationship with Terry, an older woman… but she also longs to explore love with her best friend Caryn. Luckily, Terry is willing to help her little lover realize this fantasy.

Catherine’s Submission, by Shuraz (originally posted at the Nifty Archives)
Catherine’s wild, irresponsible daughter Sandra is driving her to distraction. But on this one special night, Catherine will uncover the girl’s dark secret… and the truth about herself.

Cathy’s Story, by Anne (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Fourteen-year-old Cathy is shocked when her big sister Kate pops into her bedroom one night, asking for a very unusual favor.

Cheri Comes Home, by JetBoy
On her first trip home from college, newly-bisexual Cheri sees her mom and younger sister in an intriguing new way.

Cheryl and my Mother, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy) – two parts so far.
Linda learns that her mother is the lesbian sex slave of her best friend. Things get interesting from there.

Childhood Memories, by Naughty Mommy
Sensual recollections from a young girl’s life, age five to fifteen.

A Christmas Wish, by Amanda Lynn
One Christmas eve a young girl’s wish come true.

Cinderella, by MargaretSexyMum (October 2013)
The familiar fairy tale told with an intriguing twist.

Cindy Takes Over, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
Cindy is a girl who loves to be in charge, to tell other women and girls what to do… especially when it comes to Anne, her beautiful, devoted mother.

Close-Ups: Images of Desire, by JetBoy — 6 chapters (seeChapter Linksfor descriptions)
While taking pictures of a nine-year-old girl model in the presence of her lesbian mother, a female photographer steers the session in a very unexpected, quite thrilling direction.

Closing the Deal, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
To help persuade a potential big-deal client who happens to be a lesbian, Cheryl invites her college-age daughter Stacy along to do a little innocent flirting with the woman… but Stacy chooses to take things far beyond flirtation.

co*cktail Waitress, by Naughty Mommy
It’s certainly not a perfect job, but what job is? And anyway, it’s all worth it, because…

Comforting My Little Girl, by Naughty Mommy
A shy single mom and her equally shy 11-year-old daughter find they may not really need anyone else.

Comforting Polly, by JetBoy — 2 parts
When an eight-year-old girl gets spanked by her prudish mommy for masturbating, teen babysitter Beth knows a fantastic way to make the child feel better.

Coming Home to Mom, by JetBoy
When Wendy gets home from her very first date, Mom has a lovely surprise in store for her.

Companion Hotel, Room 319, by A Minor Paragon – 2 parts (September 2016)
A mother and her little girl visit a hotel that caters to an altogether different sort of patron.

Connecting Flight, byKarin Halle
When stewardess Adeline meets an unhappy thirteen-year-old named Carolanne who has been left to fly on her own, she takes the girl under her wing. Later, she finds that Carolanne has a lovely way of expressing her gratitude.

The Corruption of Amy, byBabyKeiko
A young mother explores dark, forbidden pleasures with Amy, her lover of fourteen.

Creative Writing, bySammy
As a home-school assignment, a teenage girl writes a “personal essay” about her very special intimate relationship with her teacher, who also happens to be her mother.

Crimson and Ivory, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
A fairy tale of sorts, in which two sisters discover a wonderful new kind of love.

Crush, by Louisa May – 4 chapters(January 2005)
Nora is shocked and incredibly aroused to learn that a young girl of twelveis nursing a secret passion for her.

The Cuddle, by Chrissy Larkin (originally posted at the Nifty Archives)
While snuggling with her teenage daughter, a mother gets caught up in the beauty of the moment.

Cupcakes, by Naughty Mommy
Taking care of the young neighbor girls after school, and giving them special treats.


Dana’s Crush, by Lily
Fifteen-year-old Dana has been secretly in love with the single mother next door for years… and on one magical night, she gets the opportunity to make her fantasy real.

Dancing for Miss Darling, byMisty Meadow
Desperately in love with her gym teacher, twelve-year-old Misty decides to seduce her with an erotic dance.

Dancing on the Edge, by Jos Mous (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 4 chapters
Sam’s life becomes complicated when her younger sister Mac shows up on her doorstep, having been kicked out of house and home by their dad… and she won’t tell Sam why.

Daria’s Dreams, by Jojo Starr – 5 chapters
Daria has a repetitive dream which is exciting, intriguing and then frightening.

Darkness Falls, byGirl Lover – 4 chapters
A lonely young woman meets an equally lonely young girl, except… who and what is this girl, really?

Daughter’s Best Friend, by Connie Lingus– 5 chapters (January 2010)
She’d never thought of having sex with women, let alone a young girl. But then her daughter’s friend dropped by…

Daughter’s Best Friend, by silkstockinglover (originally posted at Literotica)
Newly-divorced mother Lucy is ripe for seduction by her daughter’s best friend Amanda… and there’s an extra-special surprise waiting for Lucy after their first f*ck.

Daughter’s Drawings, by Author Unknown (From the library of JetBoy)
When a mother confronts her daughter with the girl’s stash of kinky erotic drawings, it changes the dynamic between parent and child in a very surprising way.

A Daughter’s Gift, by Author Unknown (From the library of JetBoy)
Samantha’s hated husband is gone for good, thanks to her daughter Kelly’s testimony — but Samantha wonders if her child didn’t want Daddy out of the picture for reasons of her own…

Daughter’s Hunger, Mother’s Need, by Author Unknown (From the library of JetBoy)
Home for the holidays, Nikki is startled to discover that her mother Susan has developed a serious interest in mother-daughter lesbian erotica.

A Daughter’s Journey, by Author Unknown (From the library of JetBoy)
The youngest of three daughters, Emily finds herself unwilling to commit to marriage, disappointing her aristocratic father. Emily’s mother, though, has a very different plan for her daughter’s future.

Daughter’s Plea, by Tarkatony
Jessica has been nursing some strange feelings for her mother for years… now, while out shopping with Mom, she decides to reveal her secret.

A Daughter’s Seduction, by JetBoy — 2 parts
A very interesting afternoon of sunbathing will forever change the lives of a mother and her daughter.

Dear Mom: I Want You!, by Kinky_Becky – 2 parts (originally posted at Lush Stories)
When Becky snoops through her mother’s private things and discovers that Mom has some very secret, very powerful passions, she decides to make use of this knowledge in an extremely risky way.

The Descent of Venus, by Mr. Toasty(originally posted atSisters in Love)
When a teenage girl’s beloved cousin and aunt pay a visit for the first time in years, long-hidden passions are finally revealed.

Don’t Ask Me What Happened, by Sheilamuffin(originally posted atLesbian Lolita July 2009)
What’s a mother to do when she awakens in the middle of the night, only to find that her naked eight-year-old daughter is kneeling over her face?

The Dream Book, by KaiaKitty
While writing in her diary, a girl experiences a magical encounter with a woman from another world — where things are very different from ours.

The Dress Shop, by Marie LeClaire (August 2008)
A lonely lesbian gets an unexpected treat when a mother and daughter visit her dress store around closing time, looking for something “sexy” for the girl.

Driftwood, by Eva (December 2007)
Taking a walk along the beach results in an unexpected, life-changing discovery.


Earth Mother, by Pretty Pink Taco– (June 2015)
A free-spirited woman elects to lead a private life with her adorable baby girl.

Emily, by Amanda (September 2005)
A girl of ten is fascinated by her big sister’s best friend Emily. One day she discovers that Emily has a certain interest in her as well.

The End of August, by Jane Doe (originally posted atNifty) –2 parts
Forced to be roommates at boarding school, twin sisters who do not get along find they have something in common.

Eros and Agape, by Sarah (originally posted atSisters in Love)
When her younger sister Allie pays Sarah a visit, they share a bed on the first night, leading them to discover a beautiful new kind of intimacy.

Esther and the Enchanted Egg, by Jacqueline Jillinghoff
A young girl named Esther prefers to live her life completely naked. One day, she lends a helping hand to a mysterious old woman, and is rewarded with the gift of an object that possesses some very magical powers.

Evelyn and the Mermaid, by Shy Mom
A mermaid shares love with a little girl.

Every Sunday Night, by Naughty Mommy — 2 parts
Two lucky little girls in a dirty little story.

Expecting, by JetBoy — 2 parts
Carly is a lesbian clinician who works extensively with pregnant women. When mother-to-be Tammy and her teen daughter Mist come in for a consultation, the therapy gets especially intense… and pleasurable.

Explanations for a Little Girl, by Vickylez– 2 parts (November 2010)
A curious ten-year-old learns all about love from her aunt.


The Facts of Life, byJetBoy
Eva wants to teach her thirteen-year-old daughter the basics about sex, but somehow the lesson becomes more about showing than telling.

Falling for Fiona, bycs.unwin – 2 parts
A 12-year-old girl caught in the rain accepts a ride from the new neighbor, a woman from the big city with some very interesting ideas.

The Family Kiss, by Naughty Mommy — 2 parts
Handing down special knowledge from generation to generation.

Family Practice, by DirtyMindedMom(originally posted atMy Dirty Little Mind) –5 chapters
When a girl arrives home for a visitafter her first semester at college, she finds that her mother is full of questions for herandmakes some kinky confessions.

A Farm Girl Finds Love,by Author Unknown
While her father is away, sixteen-year-old Lori discovers the secret passions of her stepmother Violet… and they excite her more than she could ever imagine.

Fighting Sisters,by LF (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Two teenage sisters locked in endless conflict learn that hatred sometimescan conceal a very different kind of passion.

Finding My Sister, by Cheryl Taggert— Complete
A lifelong desire for a sister to love surprisingly, and happily, comes true.

Fireflies, by JetBoy — 3 parts
Marcie, home on break from college, discovers a sexual heat in her mother that she never suspected was there… and finds herself wanting to explore that forbidden passion.

First Light of Day, byCassandra Blue(November 2006)
A woman on the run returns to a home where she is no longer welcome — to steal a furtive moment of love with her 11-year-old niece.

Floor Show, by Jacqueline Jillinghoff – 2 parts
Vickie is fascinated by her ten-year-old daughter’s new friend Kimberly, especially when she discovers that the girls are more than just friends.

Friday Night at the Club, by Gladys Stoatpamphlet (August 2008)
Jade loves to bring her little girl to the strip club where she works… especially into the rooms where men aren’t allowed.


Getting Big, by Naughty Mommy
A young girl comes to her mother’s room one night with questions.

Getting to Know the Girl Next Door, by Shyla Tease (Janruary 2011)
When an underage girl begins to pleasure herself in a bedroom across the street from where Jenna lives, the older woman falls headlong into the thrilling, kinky delights of spying. What happens when Jenna gets the chance for something more with her neighbor?

The Gift, by Author Unknown
Tanya possesses a mysterious power that allows her to fill the hearts of women and girls with desire… and after too many trials and tribulations to mention, she elects to put that power to use.

A Girl in the Night, by kinkys_sis
Sonya, a teenage girl, encounters a homeless fourteen-year-old Ukrainian refugee named Erica in a local park. Moved by Erica’s story, she takes the girl home, where Sonya’s mom insists she stay rather than return to the street. Soon, Sonya and Erica will become friends… then more.

A Girl Named Charlie, by Amanda Lynn – 9 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Unexpected discoveries, unexpected encounters, andunexpected love between girls and women.

Girls Loving Girls,by Shay (originally posted at Nifty Archives)
A pair of lesbian twins, who also happen to be lovers, get the chance to add extra spice to an evening at home when a neighbor asks them to babysit her eleven-year-old daughter.

The Girls on the Train,by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
A lesbian drives away a man when he attempts to expose himself to two young girls on the tube train… and the girls reward her bravery in a most delightful way.

Go Fish, by JetBoy
While idly playing cards on a hot day, Fay is given the opportunity to realize the confusing, exciting feelings she has for her fourteen-year-old daughter.

Good Things Come in Threes,by Shay (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Recovering from a painful breakup, Raven finds love and comfort in the arms of her mother… and her mother’s wife.

Goodnight,by Jody and Lisa (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
After Jenny is thrown out by her parents for being gay, she crashes at her sister’s apartment — and discovers she isn’t alone in her love for other girls.

Grace of the Lady Elgin, by Karin Halle – 3 parts.
When fourteen-year-old Susannah Croft discovers a naked, unconscious young girl washed up on a beach, she brings her home, not knowing how this castaway will change everything — for herself, and her mother.

Grammy’s Place,by JetBoy
When Darla, along with daughter Miranda, pays her mother Sarah an unexpected visit, they get a shocking surprise that will change their relationship forever.

Greenfield Tales, by JB West – 12 chapters
When six-year-old Katie’s mother injures her head in a fall, it sets off a chain of events that will result in thrilling new romantic and sexual relationships between a group of women and a couple of little girls… aided by a young lesbian with a mysterious secret.

Guilty Love, by Xarth
Obsessed with her younger sister Lindsay, Andrea is unable to stop herself from exploring the girl’s body while she sleeps — a dangerous game that quickly leads to complications.

The Gymnast, by JT Ozman
A lesbian gymnastics instructor finds herself smitten by a new student, a lovely girl of fourteen, and determines to do something about it.


The Halloween Party, by Ebo – 2 part.
When she sneaks out to go to a high school Halloween bash, thirteen-year-old Megan gets the opportunity to do something she’s never done before — have sex with another girl.

Happenstance, by No One – 6 chapters
After being prompted by a stranger online, two young girls try kissing each other.

Healing the Hurt, by Eva (September 2012)
When a little girl slips and falls, in a way her teacher does too.

Health Spa, by Sindy070 (July 2011)
Raised as a naturist by her lesbian mother, eleven-year-old Cindy gets a sweet surprise when Mum takes her to a nudist spa, a special place where women and girls can explore love together.

A Helping Hand,by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
When Cassy temporarily loses the use of her arm after a car accident, her mother Kate decides to temporarily help the girl take care of her intimate needs — but quickly realizes that she enjoys pleasuring her daughter much more than she ought to.

Her Last Touch,by Marie Marshall (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
On their final evening together, two estranged sisters temporarily reconcile in a surprisingly passionate way.

Her Little Sister Hannah, by JetBoy — 2 parts
Home after a painful breakup, teen lesbian Alice finds new love in a way she never expected — with her underage baby sister.

Her Mother’s Revelation,by Marie Marshall (From the library of JetBoy)
When Jackie comes out to her teenage daughter Edie, the girl is eager to know more — much more.

Her Sister, Her Mentor, by Tommy X – 4 chapters so far.
A tale of sisters at school, learning things outside the standard curriculum.

Her True Self Discovery, by BabyKeiko – 2 parts
Darlene, a lesbian single mother struggling with a hidden obsession with young girls, accepts a dinner invitation from her friend Chrissy, who has a preteen daughter of her own. This evening will change Darlene’s life in a big way.

Hidden in the Snow, by funtoppings – 5 chapters.
On a ski trip with her mother, aunt and, cousin, Julie makes a very shocking discovery about the women in her family.

The Hire, by Alice (May 2006)
When a little girl of ten knocks on the door of professional dominatrix Miss Catherine, she’s not there to sell the woman cookies.

A Holiday Affair, by Androgyne– 2 parts (July2009)
When Lesley sits next to a precocious young nymph on an airplane, it’s the beginning of an astonishing sexual journey.

The Holly and the Ivy, byAmanda Lynn – 5 chapters
Dealing with bitter disappointment, a young woman finds that fate has some lovely surprises in store for her.

Home Alone, by Ebo – 9 chapters so far (February 2015)
Twelve-year-old Riley begins to investigate the subject of sex and is surprised to discover her growing interest in girls.

Home for the Holidays, by Pretty Pink Taco – 2 parts
A confident and beautiful daughter returns home for Christmas to her father, and mother, who is also her lover.

Honey Loves – Confessions of an Incestuous Mother, by eloquent delinquent– 7 chapters(January 2015)
Allison and her six-year-old daughter turn a trip to the market into something very special.

The Hooker, by JetBoy — 2 parts
Too many years of unsatisfactory sex in a boring marriage lead a woman to try something she never thought she’d try — and the results are far more than she bargained for.

How it Happened With Mom,by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
A young woman finds herself feeling a certain attraction to her mother… and when the opportunity arises for her to make a move, she seizes it with both hands.

How My Daughter Converted Me, by Amanda (September 2006)
A single mother is shocked to discover that her twelve-year-old daughter desires a greater, more intimate closeness than most parents share with their children.

How My Niece Juli Came To Be My Vixen, by Openmindedwoman – 12 chaptersso far (seeChapter Linksfor descriptions)
Casual, intimate nudity leads to more… much more.

Honeysuckle, by JetBoy – 2 parts
Gladys, a recently divorced mother, meets a very intriguing high school girl at a pool party she’s throwing for her daughter Kellie’s cheer squad — an encounter that will change her life, as well as her relationship with Kellie.


Ice and fire, by No One – 3 parts
Nerdy teen Riley is nonplussed to discover that the hottest girl in school is attracted to her, especially since she isn’t gay… still, why not accept a date with her and see how things go?

Idol, by No One – 3 parts
Nine-year-old Zoe is obsessed with pop star Shana Belle. When she wins a contest to spend a day with her idol, Zoe will discover that Shana has a very special, very exciting secret.

Idol II, by No One – 4 parts
A year after her first sexual fling with 10-year-old Zoe, teen pop star Shana Belle is on tour again, and performing a gig very near Zoe’s town. They make plans to get together again — only this time, Zoe has a special treat in store for her older lover.

I Want My Daughter to Be Gay, by Tony Williams (January 2014)
A woman enlists the aid of the lesbian gym teacher to instruct her daughter in the ways of love.

I Was the Daughter of a p*rn Star, by Cheryl Taggert – 88 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)—Complete
A grown woman looks back at the incredible, wonderful — and sometimes upsetting — story of her life.

Impossible Moments, by Karen Cypher – 2 parts
Crossing boundaries, breaking taboos, to satisfy a mutual desire and share a deep love.

In Her Room, by Naughty Mommy
Day after day, it seems, she gets a little bit closer. But how far will she finally go?
Read the companion piece to this storyIn My Room

In My Room, by KaiaKitty
A little girl dreams about her fairy mother.
Read the companion piece to this story — In Her Room

In Pursuit of My Daughter, by JetBoy — 3 parts
After years of forbidden desire for her daughter, Gina decides the time has finallycome to make her fantasy real.

In the Changing Room, by JetBoy
A pair of very daring lesbian sisters pursue sexy fun with two customers who visit their clothing store —an unsuspecting mother and daughter.

In the Closet, by Naughty Mommy — 2 parts
Special things sisters do while their parents are away.

Indian Summer, by Amanda (June 2005)
Sometimes birthday wishes do come true.

Innocence and Nature, byAlison Wheatcroft – 2 parts so far
A teenage girl and an 8-year-old girl learn from each other about life, friendship, and sex.

Intimate Flowers, by Christene(originally posted at Sisters in Love)– 2 parts
While trying to save a foundering relationship with her partner Meredith, Carmen finds a truer, more passionate love… in the last place she expected it to be.

Is This About Sex, Mom?, byThom (May 2006)
A frank conversation about sex between mother and daughter takes a very unusual, very thrilling turn.

Island of Joys, by Cheryl Taggert – 9 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Two women and their young daughters travelingto Australiafrom their homes in San Francisco become shipwrecked on a desert island in the Pacific.

ICouldn’t Stop, by Pretty Pink Taco– 2 parts(May 2015)
A young lifeguard, coming to terms with an unexplored attraction to other girls, becomes increasingly fascinated by a certain eight-year-old cutie who hangs around the pool.


Jane and Nicole, byKathy-Anne Niemann (January 2008)
The story of a married woman seduced by a teenage babysitter.

Jeannie and the Bottle, byAmanda Lynn – 5 chapters
Women enjoying each other’s bodies, fulfilling their hottest fantasies… some of this happened in real life, but how much?

A Journey to My Sister, by JetBoy
Home after a year in Europe, Allie is astonished at how beautifully her fourteen-year-old sister Carly has ripened… and what very un-sisterly ideas that gives her.

The Joy of Girls, by Author Unknown – 4 chapters so far (from the library of JetBoy)
It is the night of Lea’s initiation ceremony, where she shall learn the sweet, secret delights of love with a certain special woman.

The Joy of Lake Tahoe, by Naughty Mommy — 4 chapters
Our old friends Julie and Kate meet a new friend while visiting their aunt in Nevada.

The Joy of Looking, by Naughty Mommy — 133 chapters so far (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
An epic, novel-length story describing the sexual adventures of a beautiful mom and her three daughters.

Julie’s Burning Temptation, byCassandra Blue (February 2005)
Julie has never experienced any kind of attraction to an underage girl before. Now, she can’t help but be drawn to eleven-year-old Amanda.

Just Being With You,by Christene (originally posted at Nifty Archive – September 2002)
Sixteen-year-old Alexis has been madly in love with her own mother for over a year, afraid to share her true feelings. This evening, she will somehow summon up the courage she needs.

Just This Once,by eloquent delinquent
When Sharon’s masturbation session during bath time gets interrupted by her eight-year-old daughter Hayley, she hesitantly allows the child to join her in the tub. Things happen.

Just Try It, by Kids Loving Kids
Jen goes down on her four-year-old sister for the amusem*nt — and pleasure — of her friends.


Kara’s Loving Family, by Jen L. Lee (September 2011)
A young mother begins a tradition of intimate love among the women of her family.

Keri, My Love, by JetBoy — 2 parts
Ten-year-old Keri’s interest in watching Mommy breastfeed her infant sister will add a thrilling new direction to their relationship.

Kate and Lisa, by Haley Statton — 2 parts (Nifty Janurary 2004)
Lisa’s first visit to the gynecologist leaves the girl thinking that she might be a lesbian… which has the cute teen looking at her mother Kate in a whole new light.

Kerb Crawl, by Androgyne
A middle-aged lesbian has an obsession with driving around the streets of her town, looking for young girls to pick up. This particular night promises to be especially thrilling.

Kimmy and Samantha, by Jeneee– 8 chapters(April 2007)–(seeChapter Linksfor descriptions)
The adventures of two young sisters with an appetite for lesbian sex, and the interesting ways they find it.

Kirsten’s First Experience, by Muffi – 2 parts (February 2010)
Teenage lesbian Jess is thrilled to learn that nine-year-old neighbor girl Kirsten, who Jess regularly looks after as a favor for the girl’s mother, has a big crush on her.

Kissing Practice, by JetBoy — 2 parts
When 15-year-old Kelly is fearful about her first date, she asks her preteen sister Kris to help her prepare for the big night… and in the process, both girls will learn that some things are more important than boys.

Knuckle Ridge, by Purple Les — 9 chapters – (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Returning from her travels (as described in “Tears of the Sun”) The Tequila Kid stumbles into a whole new adventure — one filled with danger, seduction, and sex.


The Larsson Treatment, by Nellie of Sweden (February 2010)
A meeting of like minds aboard a Scandinavian ferryboat.

Lea and the High Priestess,by Candy Kane (originally posted at Nifty Archive – January 1999)
It is the night of Lea’s initiation ceremony, where she shall learn the sweet, secret delights of love with a certain special woman.

The Latch Key Girl, by JetBoy — 2 parts
Single mother Amanda and her eleven-year-old daughter Katie find new love when a beloved garden estate offers Katie the opportunity to become one of their fairies, whose duty and privilege it is to shower affection on other little girls who visit… as well as a few lucky grown women.

The Latchmore Fairies, by C. Cat – 11 chapters
Amanda learns that her eleven-year-old daughter Katie has been tapped for a possible position as a fairy at Latchmore House. She recalls a lovely experience of her own at Latchmore, back when she was a little girl herself.

Learning French, by JetBoy
When a popular older girl offers to help fourth-grader Cathy with her French, Cathy will learn more about the language of love than she ever could have imagined.

Learning Phase, by Nuit du Loup – 14 chapters – (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Isana, a skilled practitioner of sorcery who is partially woman, partially cat, and completely lesbian, gets an important assignment: to train three young girls in the rudiments of her craft. In the process, she and her students will achieve a very special closeness.

Led Into Shadow, by Jen– 5 chapters(August 2010)
Young Genevieve discovers that her new stepmother is a denizen of the dark side and soon comes to yearn for her power — and her body.

Lessons Learned, byAmanda Lynn – 4 chapters
Is Jessica’s beautiful blonde high school history teacher really flirting with her, or is she only imagining that?

Like a Dream,by Serret (originally posted at Literotica – August 2010)
Ada feels humiliated when her sister Katrina catches her masturbating while they share a bed — then her sibling responds in a way that catches Ada completely by surprise. Is she dreaming… or is Katrina really coming on to her?

Like a Ghost in the Night, by kinkychic & kinkys_sis
Thirteen-year-old Lian is receiving strange visitations in the depth of the night from… well, she’s not sure. It’s female, with long hair, and is causing Lian to see her best friend Rosie in a whole new way.

Lily Robin, by Louisa May– 6 chapters(May 2011)
A teenager has no desire to babysit the neighbor’s little girl until she discovers the lovely desires this child can arouse.

Linda, Cathy, and Sandy,by Cathy Uy (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Things get ugly when Cathy gets caught spying on big sister Sandy’s lesbian activities — then things get very interesting indeed.

Little, by Cheryl Taggert – 5 chapters (seeChapter Linksfor descriptions)—Complete
A young woman makes a special birthday wish that comes true, which also ends up allowing her certain freedoms and possibilities. Based on an idea I had upon first seeing the movie Big.

Little Aphrodite, by Toy Boy (August 2010)
Queen Goddess Hera shares pleasure for the first time with seven-year-old Aphrodite, who is eager to know what it truly means to be the Goddess of Love.

Little Flirt, by Author Unknown
A mysterious encounter in a restaurant between a woman and a little girl, both strangers, will make their evening particularly enjoyable.

Little Girl Lost,by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
When sisters are more than just good friends.

A Little Grey Mouse, by Nellie of Sweden– 2 parts (February 2010)
An adolescent lesbian playing fun games with a five-year-old girl.

The Little Prisoner, by Jaqueline Jillinghoff
In which a college-age lesbian discovers that the ten-year-old daughter of her older lover has a very strange, very exciting fetish that she needs help to explore.

Losing My Love, by Tanya Writer (August 2013)
A young girl finds the joy of girl-girl love, only to find it torn apart from her.

Lost But Not Forgotten,byCassandra Blue (July 2011)
Poetic impressions of young love.

The Lost Girl Game, by Naughty Mommy — 9 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A precocious little girl named Bambi seems to be lost. But is she really?

Love in the Sauna, by JetBoy
Angelique and her 13-year-old daughter chat about sex while relaxing in the sauna, then get carried away.

Love is a Circle, by JetBoy — 2 parts
A young lesbian’s journey to happiness, and what happened along the way.

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After a day at the pool, ten-year-olds Sarah and Summer get caught in the rain.

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An unexpected babysitting assignment results in a wonderful weekend of discovery.

Love Letter, by Racheal Ross(source unknown)
A teenage girl has an unexpected, scary, and extremely thrilling first sexual encounter in a public place.

The Loves and Labours of Doris Sloane, by JetBoy & BlueJean — 3 chapters so far (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
The tale of Doris, a sixteen-year-old girl who, in pre-Second World War England, takes a position as a nanny with a well-to-do mother and her three daughters, and her subsequent adventures.

Loving Lisa, by JetBoy — 11 chapters (seeChapter Linksfor descriptions)
When her daughter brings a new friend home for a dip in the pool, Roxanne Johnson discovers just how desirable aneleven-year-old girl can be.

Loving My Lori, by Lori’s Mommy – 2 parts (October 2009)
Exploring her options after divorce, newly-single mother Mandy discovers an unexpected attraction to young girls… a desire that soon grows to enfold her eight-year-old daughter Lori.

Lucky Charm,by Shay (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
When sisters are more than just good friends.

Lucky in Love, by JetBoy — 6 chapters(seeChapter Linksfor descriptions)
A mother finds herself ensnared in a wild, wonderful web of sex with her little girls.

Lynn, by Little Alison– 10 chapters(January 2014)
Engaging in webcam sex with a budding lesbian of 12, Lynn is stunned when she discovers the child’s real identity.


Making a Sleepover, byGladys Stoatpamphlet (June 2008)
How to get a lesbian slumber party started.

The Mark of a Good Babysitter, by Honey West – (Lesbian Lolita March 2006)
Ace babysitter Stevie accidentally ends up taking on an unexpected job, looking after two little girls who just got some interesting ideas from a magazine about how girls can have sexy fun with each other. Perhaps their cool new babysitter can teach them even more…?

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A chance meeting at the local pool, and a single mother is fascinated by her daughter’s young friend’s beautiful eyes.

Matchmaker, by Eva (January 2008)
Lana’s nine-year-old daughter Tina wants to help her mommy find someone new to love, but it isn’t a man she’s thinking of — or even a grownup!

Maternal Closeness, by Naughty Mommy
A young mother worries that her intimacy with her daughter may have crossed too many boundaries.

Maternal Exhibitionism, by Naughty Mommy
A fictionalized academic study, presented for your pleasure.

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Needing a place to think, a woman takes a seat in a dark movie theater, where she encounters a set of 12-year-old twin girls who……

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Ms. Smith, a divorced middle school teacher, has an unquenchable thirst for young girls.

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The woman is now involved with a second teenage girl as well. But that’s not the end.

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A pair of fourteen-year-old lesbian lovers — one of them her own daughter — and a still younger girl enters the picture.

Melinda + Kendra + Jackie + Jess = Love, byChrestomathist(August 2008)
Coming to terms with incest, with underage lesbian sex, and loving it all.

Melinda, My Love, by Kathy-Anne Niemann (January 2008)
Seventh-grade teacher Carrie has a hopeless crush on a 12-year-old girl in her class, and has finally decided to do something about it.

Melissa’s Lover,by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
In which we learn the tantalizing truth about Melissa and her very secret, very forbidden lover.

Merging, by J.R. Hartley – 7 chapters so far
Clair’s visit to her new friend Leia’s home leads to a confession and a great deal more!

Merry Christmas, Girls, by JetBoy
It’s the best Christmas ever for Debra and her two teenage daughters.

Michelle’s Tickling Game, by Cheryl Taggert – 2 parts — Complete
An ‘innocent’ game of tickling leads to delightful pleasures for a girl, her babysitter, and the girl’s mother.

Midnight Awakening in Amherst by Cheryl Taggert — Complete
The love between two women can be overwhelming, and nothing is better to awake to than your partner’s passion.

Midnight Clear, byMia Ireland (originally posted atNifty)
Christmas Eve is an especially loving time for little Ammy and her mama.

A Mirror Darkly, by Galatea– 2 parts(September 2005)
Twin sisters, sixteen years old, brave a storm in the night, then face an adventure in Bangkok.

Missy’s Games, by Moonglow
Missy, her big sister Chelsea and her mommy Shawna are incestuous lovers, with a special emphasis on anal play. Their Friday night gets even wilder when they entice a pizza delivery girl into their lewd antics.

A Model Companion, by Louisa May – 2 parts so far
Two models, a young woman, and a girl of eleven discover a mutual attraction that takes their relationship beyond the boundaries of friendship.

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A 12-year-old girl learns about p*rnography, sex toys, and much more during a wonderful weekend with her 22-year-old caretaker.

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Brenda is back from college, and confesses that she is sexually involved with another girl… and now, her mother can’t stop thinking about it.

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Freshman college student Kim has had lesbian desires for her mother Sophia for a long while. When Mom pays an impulsive visit, Kim gets an opportunity to make her fantasy happen.

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A brief memoir from the life of a married lesbian, and how she and her wife run into complications when her twelve-year-old daughter Sammy comes out as gay.

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While vacationing in a ritzy hotel, a lesbian teacher meets an adorable young Japanese girl who is curious about the ways of love.

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Janice gets the loan of Cindy, an eight-year-old submissive lesbian, for a week. After picking the girl up at the airport, she decides to see just how committed Cindy is to giving pleasure to other women.

My Lonely Mother, by Maverick – 2 parts (Sex4Stories February 2018)
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Nanny for a Night, by Cheryl Taggert – 11 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions) —Complete
Working as a babysitter for beach tourists is a job that ‘comes’ with great fringe benefits.

The New Girl, by No One – 2 parts
When obliged to invite a new student from school to her sleepover, thirteen-year-old River worries that the presence of Alyssa, a girl she barely knows, will put a damper on an evening of sexy fun with her best girlfriends. However, there’s much more to this new girl than meets the eye…

A New Hope, byNo One – 2 parts
Emilia is a lesbian of sixteen who has yet to do more than kiss a girl. But when she babysits eleven-year-old Stella, Emilia is startled to learn that the adorable young girl is experienced in some very intriguing ways — and eager to share what she knows.

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A single mother struggling with a craving for young girls gets carried away when she and her thirteen-year-old daughter model sexy underthings for each other.

Overcoming Mom’s Reluctance, by JetBoy — 2 parts
Fifteen-year-old Marcie and her mom Sally each discover that the other prefers women to men, resulting in a risky game of flirtation between mother and daughter. Will it lead to something more?


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Marina, a professional photographer who specializes in female nudes, is presented with an unusual subject for an intimate session: her own mother.

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Piper’s Mom, by Amanda Lynn – 14 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Stephanie has a little girl called Piper, and Piper has a teenage babysitter named Amber. Soon the fun will begin.

Pixie in Pink, by Sammy – 4 chapters
Memories of child-raising, laundry sniffing, lesbian lust and mother-daughter love.

Play Date, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
Audrey takes her ten-year-old daughter Kelsey to visit Sarah and her daughter Ashley for a weekend play date, where the attraction the two mothers feel towards one another will lead to unexpected developments.

Point of View, byMisty Meadow – 2 parts
A lesbian exhibitionist discovers that the little girl just across the way from her flat has tastes very similar to her own.

Posing With My Daughter, by mal (originally posted at Lush Stories)
A woman persuades her teenage daughter to pose with her in an erotic photo session, which adds an intriguing new sensibility to their relationship.

Pretty Little Waif, by Puella Amante– 3 parts (August 2007)
The year is 1943. With her husband away at war, Evelyn Johnson is trying to earn a few extra dollars as a sales lady at the local Woolworths. Then one day, a 9-year-old girl steps into her changing room to try on a dress…

Princess on Holiday, by JetBoy
While vacationing in Italy, Princess Sophia gets an opportunity to explore some very secret, very forbidden desires.

Prom Night, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
A shy, awkward wallflower is taken to the Junior Prom by her own mother, then to a fancy hotel for a special ending to their evening.

Pursuit of Happiness, by Christene(originally posted at Sisters in Love)– 2 parts
America, circa 1944: Two sisters are separated by war — and by love. Will fate bring them together once more?

Pyrotechnics, by StarSapphire– 2 parts(April 2005)
When a grown woman meets a ten-year-old girl, the fireworks begin.


Quality Time, by JetBoy
When Kyra has to put her mother and younger sister up for a few days, she wants to make their visit a special one… but they have a surprise waiting for her that guarantees the weekend will be especially thrilling.

Queen of the Pirates, by Kinkys_sis & Kinkychic – 7 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
The sea saga of a young girl named Bren and her life on a pirate ship, loving beautiful girls and women along the way.


Realizations about Writing and Love,by Cheryl Taggert
A blog entry and open-letter of love to my wife, Lisa.

Redesign for Living, by Sammy – 3 parts
It’s not easy for a mom to raise a young daughter who’s a movie star —andthe object of her sexual fantasies!

Redheads Waiting, by PanWhoWrites – 2 parts
Gradually realizing that she feels sexual desire for her twin daughters, Joanna figures out a novel way to get the girls thinking along the same lines.

Remembering Mom, by Karyn O (August 2010)
Looking back to the time when she was a girl… how things beganandthen progressed.

Remnants, by No One – 3 parts
Many years in the future, scavenger Rain finds an artifact, one with the potential to give her limitless pleasure.

Report of the “Leslita” Project, by HardJulia (August 2013)
A [fictional] study of sexual attraction and sexual relationships between women and preteen girls.

Revolutionettes, by Amanda – 18 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
In a time of historic political revolution, a sexual revolution also was occurring, the liberation of lesbian desires.

Rhonda’s Delightful Daughter by Cheryl Taggert — Complete
Rhonda raised her daughter to be sexually guilt-free — and the results are better than she could have hoped.

Ripe for the Picking by Kinkychic
A young girl on a berry-picking expedition makes a new friend — and finds herself hoping their friendship might become something more.

Ripples, by Sapphmore and JetBoy – 38 chapters so far (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Single mother Jessica has all but given up on her love life since her husband walked out, but her good friend Rachel hopes to do something about that. Meanwhile, Jessica’s twelve-year-old daughter Alice has developed a habit of spying on her mom during especially intimate moments.

Rowing Lesson by JetBoy
When her sister ends up serving a lengthy prison sentence, Marie finds herself taking care of her ten-year-old niece Melody, she is shocked to discover that her feelings for the child are becoming more like sexual attraction.


Sam Was Her Name, by Young Flower (January 2005)
A forlorn young girl makes a new friend — and suddenly things seem much brighter.

Santa’s Coming, by Eva (December 2013)
A dissatisfied wife and her little girl get a surprise gift that makes their Christmas extra special!

Sasha’s Counsel, by Louisa May (December 2021)- 2 parts
Sasha is a little girl who very much knows what she wants… to bend older girls and women to her will. At the age of ten, she sets her sights on her babysitter Marcia. Thus begins a dominant sexual relationship that will last into Sasha’s adulthood, when Marcia has a very interesting little girl of her own…

Save Room for Dessert, by JeffB (November 2007)
A lesbian who loves underage girls is introduced to a secret club where she can finally realize her obsession.

School Memories, by Passing Cloud– 6 chapters(November 2012)
Looking back at the fun and exciting ways that young girls can learn about sex from one another.

Scouting for Girls, by eloquent delinquent – 8 chapters so far (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
The story of ten-year-old Nicole and her adventures with the Forest Girl Explorer Scouts, where she learns about much more than selling cookies.

Season of Goodwill, by Karin Halle
Feeling sorry for her newly-divorced neighbor Anita, fourteen-year-old Josie gets permission to bring a Christmas feast over to her house. That day, Anita’s loneliness will become a thing of the past — and Josie will experience love for the first time.

The Secret Passage, by kinkychic
Upon moving to a new home in the country, thirteen-year-old Bee stumbles upon a mysterious magic that lurks there, intent upon showing the young girl the pleasures just waiting to be discovered in her ripening body.

The Secret Society of the puss*cats Club, by Cheryl Taggert -31+ chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)—Complete
Two sexually precocious girls decide to form a secret club and are soon joined by a pair of lesbian schoolteachers. (My first effort at erotica; the positive response is the reason I continued to write.)

Secrets Between Sisters, by DirtyMindedMom (originally posted at My Dirty Little Mind) –3 parts
Vicky and her sister Dana remember old times … and explore new intimacies.

Secrets, by Naughty Mommy — 25 chapters (seeChapter Linksfor descriptions)
Shelly has a secret she just has to tell someone. And it turns out she’s not the only one with something to hide!

Seducing Anne, by Bad Fred (December 2009)
Katey and Hailey agree on a contest: which of them can entice the new girl Anne into bed first? It’s a friendly rivalry that quickly gets complicated.

The Seduction of May, byhornykate (August 2013)
After a mother witness a young neighbor girl bullying another, she confronts the girl – with unexpected results.

Selkie Days, by BlueJean — 5 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Eleven-year-old Hailey is sent to stay with her aunt and uncle for a few weeks in their seaside town. There, she will embark on an incredible personal adventure involving folklore, magic and her ripening sexuality.

Sena, Elle, and Me, byAuthor Unknown (from the library of JetBoy)
When a single mother gets involved with a woman after her divorce, she is surprised to discover that her new lover Sena is attracted to her daughter Elle as well.

Serendipity, by Naughty Mommy — 60 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
As several families of moms and girls cross paths in San Diego, they all discover new kinds of intimacy.

A Sex Offender, My Daughter, and Me, byTony Williams (February 2014)
Leslie is a registered sex offender who did time for her relationship with a girl of eleven. Now she is out and needs somewhere to live — luckily for her, Toni has the perfect living arrangement for a lesbian with an appetite for young stuff.

Sexy Stepsister Spy, by eloquent delinquent – 2 parts
Mina and Kristin’s new life as stepsisters leads to closeness, frustration, crushing, peeping, and forbidden delights.

Sharing With Erin, by Author Unknown
In bed with a new lover, Jenny shares the story of how she and her mother first became sexually intimate.

Sharing With Mom, by JetBoy
When Jenny’s mom takes a lesbian lover, the relationship between mother and daughter changes in a very unexpected, very exciting way.

Sharon and the Blizzard, by Single Mom (December 2007)
When a sixth-grade teacher and one of her students get trapped on the road during a heavy snowstorm, they find some very interesting ways to keep warm.

Sharon’s New Lover, by Author Unknown(from the library of JetBoy)
Sharon is a young girl of thirteen who is passionately in love with her own mother, but has no idea what to do about it. Luckily, Mom is willing to give her daughter a guiding hand.

She Knows, by My Girls (June 2008)
A still-in-the-closet middle-aged lesbian, and a very special nine-year-old girl.

Sheila, Bridget, and the Girls, by Naughty Mommy — 6 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Sisters Bridget and Sheila have three young daughters between them, more than enough to keep their hands full.

Sheltering, by Shy Mom — 8 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
When a single mother of two little girls gets interrupted by the youngest while masturbating, she decides to turn an awkward moment into a learning experience… one that leads to Mommy learning a few new things herself.

She’s Just a Child, by Amanda– 3 parts(June 2005)
A young girl is introduced to lesbian love by her next door neighbor.

Shooting with Helena, by Cassie(originally posted atSisters in Love) – 7 chapters
Cassie is persuaded by younger sister Helena to team up with her for an erotic photo session. She is uneasy about the whole idea at first, but it will lead to Cassie making some thrilling discoveries about her sibling — and herself.

Shopping With Mom, by JetBoy
A seemingly casual trip to the mall turns into much more for a woman and her teenage daughter.

Short Ride, by Karen Cypher
Samantha takes a ride on the train, only to discover her secret wish.

Showing Amanda, by Naughty Mommy — 4 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A mother takes her 10-year-old daughter’s sex education into her own hands.

Silver Lining, by Cassie(originally posted atSisters in Love) – 6 chapters
After a painful breakup and a thus-far fruitless search for the birth sister she’d never known she had, Justine goes on holiday — and is surprised to find herself exploring the erotic possibilities of sex with another woman.

Sisters Do What Sisters Do, by Allison Collier
If you heard the little knock on your door and she asked you, what would you do? You know. You’d do what sisters do.

The Sister I Never Knew, by Author Unknown
A young lesbian is astonished to discover that she has a half-sister she’d never known existed — a Vietnamese girl, the daughter of her Marine father. She’s also surprised by how lovely and desirable her new sibling happens to be…

Sister Lickin’ Good, by JetBoy
Kim comes up with a novel way to improve the obnoxious attitude of her bratty little sister… a scheme that promises to make her own summer especially pleasurable.

Sisters in Love by Cheryl Taggert — Complete
For three young sisters – age 12, 14, and 16 – curiosity about sex leads to joyous discoveries.

Sister on the Rebound, by JetBoy
When two lesbian sisters get dumped at more or less the same time, they choose an unorthodox way of relieving their sexual tension. But what will their mother have to say about it?

Sit in My Lap, by JetBoy
On a taxi ride home after a night out drinking, a mother is startled when her daughter makes an unexpected move on her.

Sketching My Sister, by GrandMoff (originally posted at Sisters in Love)– 2 parts
Sixteen-year-old Bara is a fledgling painter whose life as an artist — and as a woman — will change in a big way when older sister Ame becomes her model.

A Small Flirt, by Thom (July 2006)
Special experiences with a very special little girl.

Snooks,by Shay (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Two sisters, each so different — like night and day, moonlight and sunshine. But on this night they complete each other and the two will become one.

Snow Angels, byRebecka– 3 parts(January 2010)
Trapped overnight on a school bus,Ellen and Agnes stay warm during a snowstorm by snuggling close together.

Snowflake, Icicle, and the Witches, byGladys Stoatpamphlet (November 2008)
Fairies, nymphs, and witches need love too — not to mention hot nasty lesbian sex!

So Soft, So Sweet, by JetBoy
A young mother comforts her little girl during a thunderstorm, then shows the child a special kind of love.

Spa Day, by Sunnybunny – 2 parts
A woman visits a very special spa with her wealthy female boss. Will the visit change her life?

Spanking Mom, by JetBoy
Sarah is utterly inconsolable after the death of her husband, blaming herself for the tragedy, but her daughter Julia has an unorthodox but very thrilling way to help Sarah get past her grief.

A Special Request, by Naughty Mommy — 2 parts
A call girl is asked to play the role of an 11-year-old girl named Kathy… by Kathy’s mother!

Spying on Hallie, by Naughty Mommy — 3 parts
When a mom overhears her teenage daughter masturbating, she’s tempted to take the next step, and then the next.

Stagestruck, by Louisa May– 4 chapters (January 2005)
A professional actress finds herself smitten by an eleven-year-old girl, and is unable to resist the temptation.

The Star Card, by JetBoy
Mother and daughter play a dangerous, forbidden and very exciting game.

Starlight Lover, by Amanda – 2 parts (September 2006)
The story of a young stowaway on a starship, and her budding relationship with the captain of the vessel.

Strange Brew, by Rachael Yukey — 23 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Nettie Hastings is a paramedic struggling with her secret attraction to underage girls, as well as a traumatic past that haunts her dreams. Now a new, mysterious drug is sending young locals to the emergency room in the small town where she works. It’s a lot for one woman to deal with…

Stranger in the Family, by Purple Les & JetBoy — 6 chapters so far (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
When eleven-year-old Kelly ends up with total amnesia after she is struck by lightning, her personality changes in some truly startling ways. Her family is startled at first, but Kelly eventually manages to draw them and their neighbors into her way of thinking.

Street Story, Karin Halle
When Helen saves an underage prostitute from her vicious pimp, she offers the young girl a place to spend the night… a decision that will change both their lives.

Streetwise, byAndrogyne– 3 parts(March 2009)
Twelve-year-old Kyra reminisces about her introduction to lesbian sex, and the lusty shenanigans that followed.

Strip For Me,by Alexander Hall (originally posted at Nifty)
Angelina’s mother works as a very successful stripper. For her eighteenth birthday, the girl only wants one thing: a private performance from Mom.

The Struggle With Desire, by JetBoy – 2 parts
Kori, a girl of sixteen, suddenly realizes that she is attracted to her older sister Janice… then, she discovers similar feelings for her mother Sharon. How will she deal with these unexpected desires?

Suck Them Forever, by Jacqueline Jillinghoff
Thirteen-year-old Stacy is an early developer who is sick of the kids at school hounding her about her breasts. Secretly, however, she wants them to be noticed, she wants them to be admired — and she wants them to be touched, as Cat, her little sister, discovers one memorable afternoon.

SummerLifeguard, by Tanya Writer (May 2013)
Working at a swimming pool is a great way for a curious lifeguard to explore sex with other girls.

SummerLove, by callmeQ67– 7 chapters so far, more coming soon! (April 2009)
Two rich suburban lesbians have fun seducing local teenagers. They enjoy being rivals, and 13-year-old Courtney is the latest prize to be won.

Sunshine Secrets, by Eloquent Delinquent (September 2015)
Julianne passes the time of day with her daughter Claire and Claire’s friend Mandy outdoors, in a tranquil clearing. Clothing is optional.

Susan’s Daughter Jenni, by Horny Lisa

When Susan catches her eleven-year-old daughter Jenni spying on her as she masturbat*s, it’s awkward for them both at first… yet this moment will end up bringing mother and child together in a new and thrilling way.

Susan’s Rendezvous with Cheryl, by Cheryl TaggertComplete
A woman makes arrangements to meet a 13-year-old girl she has fallen in love with online.

Susie’s Diary, by JetBoy — 13 chapters (seeChapter Linksfor descriptions)
The story of a thirteen-year-old’s introduction to lesbian love in the mid-Sixties, told in her own words.

Sweet Poppy, by Joe Dornish – 21 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
A ten-year-old English girl named Poppy is about to embark on a sexual journey like no other, assisted by her own mother and many other women and girls. Join her for the ride, won’t you?

Sweet Sister, by Alfie Atkins (originally posted at Sisters in Love)– 3 parts
Marisa and her older sister love to snuggle together in the same bed… which, on one very special night, leads to a lot more than just sleeping.


Tabitha’s Initiation, by Amy K(originally posted atSisters in Love) – 2 parts
When teen cousins Amy and Samantha are caught making love by Sam’s younger sister Tabitha, they decide that it’s always nicer — not to mention safer — to share.

Taffy, by JetBoy
My daughter Taffy is nine, soon to be ten, and I adore her more than words can say.

Taking Laura Home, by hornykate– 4 chapters(August 2012)
Giving a lift home to her young daughter’s best friend becomes… complicated.

Talking to My Daughter, by Misty Meadow
Mommy has some delightful and very wicked ideas she wants to explore when her little girl gets home from school.

Teaching Tammie, by Jeneee
A young lesbian mother and her lover are caught in the act by her very curious seven-year-old daughter.

Teaching the Girls, by Naughty Mommy — 25 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A 16-year-old is hired to provide yoga instruction for a group of young girls, but her privatelessonsend up going much further than she ever expected.

The Teacher’s Forbidden Love, by kinkys_sis
A lesbian teacher becomes obsessed with a twelve-year-old girl in her English class, one who longs to be a writer and needs a little extra help. Will their lessons bring them especially close?

Tears of the Sun, by Purple Les – 13 chapters. (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
After routing a gang of outlaws, the female Texas Ranger known as The Tequila Kid finds a lost little girl in the badlands. Could this child have some connection to the murders The Kid is working to solve?

Telling My Story, by Naughty Mommy — 4 chapters
Passing down the pleasures of lesbian incest from generation to generation.

The Temptation of Julie, byAlice Gee– 3 parts(July 2008)
Feeling an intense lesbian lust for her daughter’s little friend, Julie finally decides to do something about it.

The Temptation of Tanya, by StarSapphire – 5 chapters. (April 2005)
Carla is shocked to realize that she has a massive crush on eleven-year-old Tanya, the daughter of her new neighbor Leanne. Meanwhile, Tanya is developing certain desires of her own that she wants to explore…

Tempting Her Mommy, by JetBoy
Evelyn, a secretly gay single mother, begins to see her thirteen-year-old daughter Cyndi in an unsettling new way. She struggles to resist, but young Cyndi is having fantasies of her own about girl/girl sex…

A Thing to Cling To, by GrandMoff(originally posted atSisters in Love)
One girl’s personal account of some very confusing feelings she has for her sister — and what those feelings led to.

Thinking About My Sister, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy) 2 parts
Two years ago, Leah and her sister Louisa realized that they each felt a sexual attraction for the other… but refused to act on it. Now together for the first time in a long while, are they finally ready to give in to their secret passion?

This is Love, by Jan Vincent (originally posted at Sister in Love) 2 parts.
Annie is a closeted lesbian who has a secret crush on her older sister Lisa. When she ends up attending the same college as Lisa and even rooming with her, Annie discovers that big sister has a secret of her own.

Three Girls in a Tent, bycs.unwin
A pair of 12-year-old girls on a summer campout receive an unexpected visitor and enjoy some sexy fun.

Three Little Girls in a Tree, byMisty Meadow
On her way home from school, an 11-year-old finds a lovely surprise awaiting her while walking through the woods.

Thunder Island, by Wickedsmile(originally posting place unknown) 2 chapters so far.
High-schooler Brooke is thoroughly depressed about her new home on an Alaskan island in the middle of nowhere, but Mom knows a lovely way to make her feel better.

The Thunderstorm, by Naughty Mommy
Late at night in bed, a pair of teenage sisters create heat lightning of their own.

Titty’s a Naughty Girl, byMisty Meadow
Titania is a lewd, wicked, naughty eleven-year-old lesbian… and her aunt couldn’t be any happier about that!

To Banbury Cross, by Author Unknown(from the library of JetBoy)
A young lesbian develops a major crush on her lover’s ten-year-old sister, then gets the opportunity to do something about it.

Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, by Cheryl Taggert -19 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions) — Unfinished
Tracy has a problem, but there IS a solution!

Trapped, by A.P. Gilmore (Lesbian Lolita March 2008)
Stuck in an elevator in the aftermath of an earthquake, a mother and her teen daughter share secrets… then end up sharing much more.

Triumph of the Muses, by Jan Vincent (Nifty July 2011)
In ancient Greek mythology, the nine Muses were the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. This is their story.

The Trouble with Mom, by Rebecka (December 2009)
Two young sisters are discovered by their mother while having sex with each other.

Tucked In, by JetBoy
Helen says goodnight to her twelve-year-old niece Julia in a very special, very intimate way.

The Tutor, by Christoff
Emily is a young woman stuck in her mum’s home during the pandemic — and bored silly. When she gets a job tutoring her neighbor’s twelve-year-old daughter, Emily is surprised to discover that Hannah is no longer the scrawny little kid she remembers.

Twin Brides, by Jan Vincent (Sisters in Love)
Brenda has fantasized for years about, one day, marrying her twin sister Sylvia. A silly dream, perhaps… but sometimes even silly dreams can come true.

Twin Time, by Mystery Mouse
Terrified during a late-night thunderstorm, eleven-year-old Melody seeks comfort in the bed of her twin sister Aria, who has her own ideas about how to make Melody feel better.

The Two Ends of the Leash, by JetBoy
When Kris extends a helping hand to her broke sister Megan, the offer comes with a very personal price attached.

Two Little Girls and Their Gym Teacher, by Misty Meadow– 2 parts(November 2016)
Mom finds that her daughter has some interesting school friends, along with averyinterestinggymnastics coach.

Two Moms, by Naughty Mommy — 25 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Lia has moved to a different city, where she’s started at a new school and made a new best friend… a girl with a very interesting mom.

Two Sisters, One Second, by Cartman94(originally posted atLiterotica)
Lana finds herself struggling with a secret crush on her big sister Brianna. Some secrets, however, are awfully hard to keep…


Ultimate Surrender, by Girl Lover – 12 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
A story about the attraction between tough lesbian biker chicks and innocent little girls.

Unaccompanied Minor, Book One, by Amanda Lynn – 6 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Spending Spring Break with her dad and his new family, 11-year-old Trish learns fun, new ways to spend her time with the help of her Step-sister.

Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, by Amanda Lynn – 13 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
Schools out and Trish is set for a summer full of steamy fun both at home and out west with Monica.

Unexpected Delights, by No One – 10 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Twelve-year-old Chloe has a hopeless crush on her best friend’s big sister Nettie. Little does she know that Nettie has noticed her interest, and isn’t at all bothered by it.

An Unlikely Romance, by Girl Lover – 5 chapters
Ten-year-old Akiko starts at a new school and everything seems wonderful, but as Akiko comes to grips with the fact she is attracted to the head cheerleader, her feelings are revealed to other girls, who make life miserable for the young girl.

The Unmapped Path, by mom.anne– 4 chapters(December 2012)
After accidentally witnessing two little girls making love, a single mother begins to think of her daughters in a whole new way.

Upside Down, by Tony Williams (July 2015)
At a private school for girls, not-so-innocent playground games lead to sexy fun.


Vee, by Amanda Lynn
She was like a little sister; until she became more.

Vice is Nice But… by StarSapphire– 2 parts(June 2008)
Thirteen-year-old Tracy has a passionate crush on Marie, the lady next door. Meanwhile, Marie is noticing how incredibly cute Tracy is. And Tracy’s lesbian mom Shirley has her own agenda.


A Walk in the Woods, by Thom (October 2005)
A chance encounter leads to a very special discovery.

Waltz of Desires, by Cheryl Taggert – 4 chapters —Complete
Looking for a soul mate who shares her ‘special interests’, a young teacher finds more than she ever hoped for.

Wanting a Girl, by JetBoy — 2 parts
Although Lesley can’t help having certain dangerous longings, she’s sure she’ll never do anything to make them real — not untilthe moment is seized by a very impatient, very lusty young girl.

Wanting Amber, by JetBoy
Cari is guilt-ridden over a newly-discovered lustful desire that she feels for little girls. What will happen when Cari’s ten-year-old sister offers her the chance to explore these feelings?

AWarm Place, byCassandra Blue – 3 parts(March 2005)
After driving off the road in a storm, awoman finds herself being seduced by a sexy fourteen-year-old girl.

Way Better, by Your Ghost(originally posted atThe Kristen Archives)
Melissa is puzzled when Mom wants to watch a sexy movie about lesbians with her… but the twelve-year-old girl will soon find out that her mother chose that particular film for a reason.

Webs of Passion, by StarSapphire– 2 parts (April 2005)
Wrestling with a secret desire to experience love with her 12-year-old daughter, Judy discovers that the child has some deep-seated longings of her own.

The Wedding, by April (October 2005)
A woman is privately joined in matrimony with her true love: her nine-year-old daughter.

The Wedding Present by Right There
Nell is minutes away from marrying a solid, dependable guy… but then her big sister Bobbi shows up unexpectedly with a strap-on co*ck, intent on reminding Nell who she really belongs to.

A Week in the Life, by Regina A (originally posted at Nifty) 2 parts.
Single mother Carol is having a very interesting day. First, she discovers that her teenage daughter Paula is exploring lesbian sex, then she finds a new female friend for herself on a chat site.

Welcome Home, Sweetheart, by JetBoy
Susie’s mom is eager to share a new and very lovely experience with her twelve-year-old daughter when the girl gets home from school.

Well, why not? by Naughty Mommy — 2 parts
A lonely single mom comes to question her beliefs about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Wet Kisses, by Eva (January 2008)
A woman by the poolside, a beautiful little girl, and a great deal of moisture.

What Do You Want?, by Shay(originally posted atSisters in Love)
A mysterious coming-of-age ceremony gives Carolyn the opportunity to express the forbidden desire she’s always kept secret — even from herself.

What’s With That Girl?, by Rosey M
Every day, Robyn and her seventh-grade friends have to put up with constant flirting from their openly gay classmate Sarah. It’s awkward and embarrassing… but why does Robyn keep thinking about her?

When Fourteen is Eight, by Karin Halle — 3 parts
When Dana’s daughter Jolie was young, a head injury left her mental capacity stranded at the age of eight. Now she is six years older, beginning to experience strange feelings and sensations in her body. How will Dana help Jolie through this crucial phase of the child’s life?

When the Lights Went Out?, by Author Unknown (from the library of JetBoy) 2 parts
A middle-aged single mother finds herself involved in a torrid love affair with her daughter’s best friend. Complications arise.

When the Past Meets the Present, by Cheryl Taggert – 5 chapters(seeChapter Links for descriptions)— Complete
Mom, a chronic masturbator, discovers her 9-year-old daughter humping her teddy bear. Can you guess what happens next?

Where the Heart Is, by JetBoy
When I’m feeling down, my mother has a special way of making me feel loved — and wanted.

While the Mouse Was Away the Cat Did Play, by hornykate– 4 chapters(July 2012)
Daughter’s friend comes calling, and finds the mother alone.

Who is Teaching Who?, by BabyKeiko
An experienced teacher, now a tutor, finds her beautiful young student is in charge.

Wild West, by Biker Guy – 2 parts so far
When twelve-year-old Allison loses her parents in a twister, a passing female cowboy named CJ offers help, friendship and more.

Winter Break, by Amanda(September 2005)
Struggling with guilt as a remnant of her religious upbringing, 11-year-old Alex gets love and wisdom from her mother. Especially love.

Works of Art, by Misty Meadow (January 2017)
A mother and her daughter scheme to promote the sexuality of underage girls — and gratify adults who love them — on the walls of art galleries.


X-Rated, by SarahJ (October 2011)
A lesbian on the prowl gets lucky when she encounters a curious ten-year-old in a neighborhood cinema.


A Young Desert Rose, by Sunnybunny – 17 chapters (see Chapter Linksfor descriptions)
While driving aimlessly through the wide-open spaces, a woman encounters a flirtatious young girl.

Every Story A to Z (2024)


What is the alphabet from a to z? ›

The English Alphabet consists of 26 letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

What is the order of the letters of the alphabet? ›

The standard order of the modern ISO basic Latin alphabet is: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z. An example of straightforward alphabetical ordering follows: As; Aster; Astrolabe; Astronomy; Astrophysics; At; Ataman; Attack; Baa.

How do you write an alphabet story? ›

The idea is simple. Each sentence of the story must begin with a different letter in the alphabet and be in alphabetical order. So the first senteces begins with the letter A, the second sentence with the letter B and so on.

Why is Z such a rare letter? ›

300 BC, Appius Claudius Caecus, the Roman censor, removed the letter Z from the alphabet, allegedly due to his distaste for the letter, in that it "looked like the tongue of a corpse". A more likely explanation is the sound had disappeared from Latin, making the letter useless for spelling Latin words.

What is the 27th letter in the alphabet? ›

While you've probably mastered all 26 letters during your years, but what you might now know is that there is actually a 27th letter. A video on TikTok is spreading the word about the lesser-known last letter, which is &, better known as ampersand.

What letter is o? ›

O, or o, is the fifteenth letter and the fourth vowel letter of the Latin alphabet, used in the modern English alphabet, the alphabets of other western European languages and others worldwide.

Who puts letters in math? ›

1, page 380). In 1591 Francois Viete (1540-1603) was the first person to use letters for unknowns and constants in algebraic equations. He used vowels for unknowns and consonants for given numbers (all capital letters) in In artem analyticem isogoge.

How to start a letter story? ›

Introduce the characters.

Unlike a traditional story, narrative letters don't leave much room for exposition. The opening address introduces the recipient of the letter, but who is writing it? At the start of the letter, be sure to say or imply who is writing the letter and why they're writing it.

How do kids write stories? ›

All good children's stories have a beginning, middle and an end. Ask your child to expand on their original story idea and set the opening scene. What's special or different about their main character? Maybe it's a cat who enjoys taking baths, a superhero who can't fly or a princess who lives in a cave!

Can a short story be a letter? ›

An epistolary story (or novel) might unfold as one long letter or a series of letters from one or more characters. Plenty of writers have experimented with structure with much success. Daniel Orozco's "Orientation" is told as a first-day tour of the workplace for a new employee.

What is a name for all the letters from a to Z? ›

The word ALPHABET itself. It is a fact that the alphabet contains Z in it, so are the other letters. Well, every letter is contained in the alphabet.

What alphabet goes from A to Z what goes from Z to A? ›

If the English alphabet goes from A to Z, what goes from Z to A? Zebra.

What is the 76 letter alphabet? ›

It featured 76 letters and was called the "Abkhaz analytical alphabet". In 1928, this was replaced by another Latin alphabet. (See illustration at right.) From 1938 to 1954 the Abkhaz language was written in Georgian Mkhedruli script.


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