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Since has been unstable for some time now, this page was created in order to share old ASSTR authors that are difficult to find and in some cases, are no longer on the site after their server went on the fritz. Below you will find archives of verious authors. Feel free to add your own, too.

Back in 2021, a copy of the site was made which can be found here: You can also find it in the WayBack Machine and since the site's search function quit working in 2017, you can browse their FTP to try and find your favorite authors here ASSTR Directory.

Pro tip: if there's a specific story or author you are looking for, type in into google plus your search term. Example: mouse

That search will bring back results from the website and include pages with the word mouse. It's helpful for finding old stories if you don't know the author name. I found it handy in order to find stories with specific story codes.

Please feel free to add your favorite authors or archives to the list below! When adding archive links, be sure to grab the most up to date link (or the one where the story links work).


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AdamCunny (list) - Community hub for stories related to the Silent Steps Community, where pedophilia and incest are normal.

Alexander Angel - formerly known as Dauphin, he writes about both boys and girls and his stories often have religious themes. He is also well known for sissy boy stories.

Alvo Torelli - Mostly Mg stories both consensual and NC. Well known for "The Little Girl and the..." stories

Apollon - Well written stories involving both boys and girls


Bernd_Lauert - Brutal sci-fi or fantasy worlds where child sex is fully legal

Broadsword - Popular writer of Mg long form stories. Known for the Mike the Mechanic series. He's still writing over at Archive of Our Own


Chase Shivers - Stories involving young girls and teen, often involving incest. His stories can also be found at Stories Online which includes more recent updates from 2017.

Chris Hailey - Probably one of the most active writers of Mg consensual stories

College Code of Conduct - See Richard Hertz


Dauphin - See Alexander Angel

DonGordon - Exhibitionism, voyeurism, Naked in School

DiscipleN - a writer of stories with boys and some girls, typically involved in unusual family dynamics



Frank McCoy (archive)

Forced Nudity Story Archive (archive) - Mostly boys (and some girls) being forced into nudity. Home of stories in the Puericil universe.


Georgie Porgie - Well known for stories about BR&T and Bunnytail Elementary School. Georgie Porgie writes stories of girls age 4 to 12 and many include humiliation and crying. Though, there is a good selection of "nicer" stories as well.



Illg - a writer of Mg stories both consensual and NC. Writer of The Alexei Series


Janus - Probably the best writer in the genre of loli and shota fiction. Best known for the Pam and Jeremy series which continues on Archive of Our Own

Jason_Scott - Nudity, embarrassment, punishment


Karen Wagner - See Naked in School.

Kristen Archives - A wide collection of lots of different stories. There's something for everyone here.

See Also


Lasiter's Torrid Tales of the Taboo (archive) - Lasiter wrote some fantastic Mg stories and attracted the world's best group of guest authors (I may be a bit biased, though - Hgcollins)

Leslita - Lesbian stories

Loliwood Studios (archive) - A large collection or stories from various authors

LoliPapa1942's Favorites (ATF Forum) - A collection of downloadable ASSTR stories on the ATF forum



Naked_City - No age of consent or laws against public nudity/sex. Underage nudity, sex, and p*rn is niche, but is becoming mainstream.

Naked in School Collection (list) - Stories by various authors fitting in the Naked in School universe.

Naked in Wilson (list) - Extremely long series featuring both adults and children shedding their clothes and having sex.


OddR - Worlds with lots of underage sex, exhibitionism, incest, and lewd corruption. Wrote Sexual Research Commission.

Ole Cranon - The Twisted Mind of Ole Crannon. Known for The Perverts Club & Summertime at Grandpa Dicks


Pederos - World where pedophilia is legal and increasingly acceptable.

Perverts R Us - Nice collection of both loli and shota stories.

Prince Frost - See Naked in Wilson.

Puericil - See Forced Nudity Archive.



Rich Humus - See sevispac.

Richard Hertz - The "College Code of Conduct", a bizarre dress code and set of conduct rules imposed on girls, resulting in them being stripped and f*cked. Lives on at Not much underage.

Renpet - Lots of coming of age stories involving incest. More of Renpet's work is available at Tempest Erotica, though this is also an archive link as the site is not active.

Rose Eastman - A lot of variety and quite a few great guest authors


Sir Snuff Stories - This is a somewhat deceptive title as this is an old collection of various authors, including many nicer stories, too. There’s definitely something for everyone here, including snuff if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sergdriver Russian Author with a nice variety and a nice collection of guest authors, too.

Sephy - See below for sevispac.

sevispac - More sexual interpretation of Naked in School, primarily focused on middle and high school girls. Retired. Some guest authors make appearances.


Tempest - Tempest moved from ASSTR sometime in 2018 and continued a self-hosted site for about a year. Lots of stories involving teens and younger girls.

this guy - See sevispac.



Vivian - Many shorter Mg/Mf stories.


Wet Dreams - Stories involving mostly adult consensual sex.

Wizard - Well written stories involving pre-teen girls



Y Lee Coyote Domination/submission stories mostly involving boys but includes girls as well. There are also quite a few talented guest authors.

Young Girl’s Erotica Repository - Various loli stories from a collector



808 Mostly shorter flash fiction with stories involving underage girls.


ASSTR Favorites - All The Fallen Stories (2024)


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